BSW Programme

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The Deaprtment of Social Work (Self-fianced Stream) strated offering the undergraduate programme (BSW) in the year 2005 as there was a great demand for the course. 

Subjects covered

This course trains the students in the basic concepts of Professional Social Work, Sociology and Psychology in the first year and Social Work   Administration, Effective Communication, Social  Legislation, Human Rights and Economic and Political System in the second year and deals with all the Methods of Social Work like Social Case Work, Group Work, Community Organisation, Social Work Research in the fifth semester and moves on to the different fields of social work like HRM, Social work with families,  Social work with communities and Social work in health care settings in the final semester thus providing the students with an overall knowledge about the profession as such.

Field work

In addition to the theoretical knowledge students are  also exposed to practical field work experience in various Social organisations in the final year where in they go to the respective organisations twice a week. They are guided very personally by the members of the faculty in the Department as well as the staff of the organisations where they are placed.

Rural camp

The students are taken for a rural camp for 7 days to a rural setting compulsorily along with the faculty in the second year during which time they learn a lot about  rural life, community living, sharing, planning, organising programmes and about how to adjust with others and live happily. This is a unique feature in the BSW course wherein the total attitude and personality of the student gets refined.


The knowledge gained and the practical experience acquired in the three year duration of BSW helps the students to either go for higher studies like MSW or MBA very easily. This also helps them to preapare for the Civil Service exam with much ease as most of the portions are covered in the syllabus itself. They also have the scope to work in organisations immediately they finish the course if they are extremely good in theory and field work. They develop in their personality to a great extent as the course curriculum and the activities of the dept are aimed not in producing people with a degree but to produce highly responsible citizens who can face the challenges of life in a very matured way and who can be sensitive to the needs of the community as well.

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