Internal Continuous Assessment (ICA) Regulations

The Internal Continuous Assessment (ICA) and End of Semester Examination (ESE), each carrying 50% marks, form the basis for grading student performance in each paper. The passing minimum in ESE is 20/50 for UG and 25/50 for PG programmes.

ICA Theory

Internal Continuous Assessment tests for theory will be centrally administered by the College through the Examination Office. Three tests will be conducted for each theory paper – two written tests and an assessment of accepted innovative components such as a seminar, term paper, project, assignment, portfolio, power-point presentation, quiz, objective test, etc or a combination of the above, as decided by the course teacher or HoD (The programme of such evaluation will be fixed before the commencement of that semester in consultation with the respective Academic Deans). Each test will carry a maximum of 50 marks and the lowest of the three tests will be ignored. The Time table for the ICA tests I and II will be scheduled and notified by the Examination Office in the College Calendar. ICA III based on innovative techniques will span over the entire duration of the semester.

ICA Practical

Two tests will be conducted for each practical paper. The Time Table will be scheduled by the course teacher or HoD. Re-test is not allowed except for the students who had represented the College in sports or cultural activities on the dates of the scheduled ICA tests or for students with any justifiable reason acceptable to the Principal. The Principal may grant special permission to such candidates for taking one additional test of three hours duration encompassing the entire syllabus of that paper. This test should be taken before the commencement of the End of Semester Examination of that semester. A record of such assessment procedure will be maintained by the department and is open for clarification by students. Students have the right to appeal to the Principal in case of glaring disparities in valuation.

Major Guidelines for ICA Retake, ICA Repeat and Repeat Semester

ICA Retake

This regulation is being implemented from the academic year 2010–2011 and extends to all students currently studying I, II & III year UG courses and I & II year PG courses. ICA Retake will be centrally administered by the Examinations Office.

Eligibility for ICA retake is as follows:

  • Minimum 10 marks in ICA
  • Passing minimum in ESE is 20/50 for UG & 25/50 for PG
  • Fulfilment of attendance requirements
  • No improvement in ICA Retake

Further, a student

  • can attempt only once
  • can appear for papers of any semester during the course period
  • can appear for a maximum of only six papers in a semester.

ICA Repeat

ICA Repeat can be availed by all UG and PG students to improve their marks after the completion of the course in any semester, subject to the following conditions 

  • The students must register for ICA Repeat, by contacting the Dean of Student Affairs within a month of the commencement of a semester.
  • A student is permitted to appear for a maximum of only ten papers in a semester
  • The students should take the tests during the ICA schedule.

Eligibility for ICA Repeat is as follows:

  • Marks: No minimum marks in ICA and ESE are required to avail this facility.
  • Attendance: The student should not have lack of attendance.

Repeat Semester

Students who do not have adequate attendance and those who missed a semester will have to register for Repeat Semester after completion of the course. These students will have to attend classes, compensate for the loss of attendance and appear for the ICA along with the regular students. Odd semester students can apply only for the odd semester and even semester students can apply only for the even semester. The ICA Repeat and Repeat Semester registrations are administered by the Dean of Student Affairs