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Office of Research Integrity (ORI)

The college is committed to maintaining integrity and transparency in research endeavours. In carrying out its research mission, all faculty members and research scholars engaged in research are expected to adhere to the highest standards of research integrity to protect the accuracy and reliability of the research record and published results. This policy applies to all research and scholarship conducted within the college, irrespective of the funding source, if any.

To cultivate and sustain a culture of research integrity, the ORI will

  • Provide the ‘code of conduct’ (processes and procedures for dealing with allegations of research misconduct)
  • Keep abreast of current good practices for promoting the proper management and conduct of research
  • Deploy a research management and monitoring system to keep track of grant proposals, research projects, publications, and other research products
  • Develop a checklist and training programmes for researchers to familiarize them with research integrity, potential pitfalls, and how to avoid and address them.
  • Build checks to minimize conflicts of interest among reviewers

The ORI will provide the guidelines regarding processes and procedures for dealing with allegations of research misconduct. The guidelines will

  • Provide clarity regarding procedures for addressing allegations of misconduct. Plagiarism, etc.
  • Keep records and document the source of the allegation, how the allegation was addressed, the outcome of the investigation, and the penalties meted out, if any.

The ORI comprises of the Principal, Dean and Associate Deans of Research and Development and Academic Deans, Librarian as internal members and legal advisor and subject expert as external members.

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