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Non-Resident Women Students’ Forum

The Non-Resident Women Students’ Forum was started to bring about a happy conglomeration of all non-resident women students of the campus to provide an avenue for them to feel at home through shared amenities, fun cultural activities and a wide platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences. This forum prides itself on organizing various events to showcase the many talents of the non-resident women students.

Along with cultural activities, noted academics and prominent personalities are regularly invited by the forum to intellectually engage with the students of the college on various topical issues. The forum organizes discussions, workshops, seminars and awareness programmes focusing mainly on women’s issues and needs, in keeping with the changing times.


To inspire and promote the integrated growth of all non-resident women students and to enhance their individual talents in the holistic development of becoming a confident woman.


  • To nurture and evolve socially responsive individuals.
  • Play a catalytic role in improving the academic and artistic culture of non-resident women students.


  • To provide a friendly environment to learn, develop and flourish in the society.
  • To ensure participation of women in integrated development processes with greater awareness of their roles, rights and potentials.
  • To organize workshops on women empowerment.
  • To bring the non-resident women students to the forefront of different activities in the college by offering various facilities and benefits to them.


  • Workshop on physical and mental fitness
  • Intra-department sports competitions
  • Literary and Debating activities
  • Cultural events`
  • My Lounge Campaign
  • Eves’ Eve- an exclusive cultural fest to commemorate International Women’s Day

Office Bearers

Principal – President

Dean of Women Students – Staff Advisor

General Secretary – Suruthi S III B.A. Political Science

Cultural Secretary – Sushmitha B II B.Sc Mathematics (SFS)

Sports Secretary – K.Yashika Devi II B.A. Political Science

Amenities Secretary – N.Pirajadhakshni  II B.Sc Mathematics

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