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The Hospitality and Tourism programme began in 2014 as a vocational stream and has been rebuilt as a Bachelor’s degree in 2020 with the goal of educating young adults to serve across the globe.

The emphasis is on developing students’ conceptual and practical abilities with the goal of intellectual pursuit of knowledge and ensuring that graduates of higher education systems have suitable knowledge and skills for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. While developing a holistic and well-groomed graduate, the program is innovative and flexible. This enables graduates of the B.Sc. Hospitality and Tourism program to play an important role in pioneering efforts to provide education that is relevant to the demands of society and to bridge the gap between academic and practical knowledge and to pique students’ interest in the course’s practical parts. This prepares students to meet the challenges of the hospitality and tourism industries. 

Programme Offered

B.Sc Hospitality and Tourism



Hospitality and Trourism Curriculum