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The Madras Christian College Alumni Association is the oldest of its kind in India, formed in the year 1891 by Rev William Miller, with the objective of fostering long term relationship among the alumni in institutional building. It is a very active and highly successful alumni association playing a major role in the development of the College.

The MCC Alumni Association has chapters all over the Country and in many major cities across the Globe. The chapters play an active role in being a bridge between the local MCC alumni communities across the world and the parent Institution. They periodically organize meetings and get-togethers.

The central unit of the MCC Alumni Association organizes many programmes and events throughout the year. The Executive committee of the MCC Alumni Association meets to transact business concerning alumni of the College and also developmental works of their alma mater. Over the years the Association has supported many noble causes of the College. Alumni are also involved in the Board of Directors and Board of Studies.

The College itself has a dedicated Alumni and Public Relations Office, headed by an Alumni and Public Relations Officer. Academic Departments of the College, and the Halls of Residence, also conduct periodical alumni reunions. The College has initiated a unique program named “Distinguished Alumni Series” to honour and felicitate alumni who have significantly distinguished themselves in their field. Many of the alumni of our College are in good positions in the Government and top organizations in the Country and across the world. Some of them come forward on a regular basis to meet the students and offer career counseling and advice. The alumni are invited for lectures by various Departments to give students a picture of the industry and latest developments in their field. Every year the Association also conducts Old Boys Cricket Match in the College Sports Grounds.

Around 1500 Alumni from across the globe, from various streams of life came together in July 2013 for a historic event called “Global Alumni Reunion.” This Reunion was again held in 2016, to commemorate the 125th year of the Association, where almost 2000 alumni participated and relived their student lives here on campus. The Alumni of the college have also contributed immensely to the development of the Infrastructure and academic endeavours of the College.


Global Alumni Meet 2013

“In the four memorable years I spent in the college, I acquired a certain interest in the classics of East and West. They have been my constant companions… My presence here today (as the Vice President of India) is an act of piety, which recalls my past association and record my debt to this institution.”

Dr. S. RadhakrishnanFormer Vice President and President of India, at Madras Christian College, March 1962

Global Alumni Meet 2016

Alumni Carol Concert December 2019