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The MCC School Of Continuing Education is offering several Job Oriented and Skill/Career Development Courses which can be done along with a Degree Course adding value to a plain Degree. There are Options of either Forenoon or Afternoon or Weekend (Saturdays) session

Several Courses are being offered on Saturdays to enable students of day and evening streams and working people to join.

COURSES in Graphic Designing , Finance and Accounting, Online Journalism, Effective English with training for IELTS, French, Videography & Photography ,Hindi , Event Management, PG Diploma in HRM and a special Batch of Diploma in Montessori & Primary School Teacher Training especially for Working Teachers and MCC Students, Advanced XL, Tally etc,, are offered on Saturdays.

With arrangements for Internships (Lister MetropolIs, ) the DMLT and PGDMLT Courses have really enabled our Students to get meaningful Employment. Our students of the Diploma in Montessori and Primary School Teacher Training Course have done internships in MCC Campus School and several have secured Employment in Leading Schools. Some students of FRENCH have completed their DELF A1 And A2 (international) Exams after doing the Certificate Course in French in MCC.

Diploma and PG Diploma Courses in Journalism, Human Resource Management and Computer Science, Montessori &Primary School Teacher Training have given the extra edge to our students to fare well in their job and career prospects. 

Several Students have become MICROSOFT OFFICE SPECIALISTS  after passing the ONLINE MICROSOFT EXAMS conducted in MCC Campus itself after being trained by our Professors. New courses on Data Analytics and Quantitative Analysis For Competitive Exams, IELTS have taken off well. Courses on SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, SOFTWARE TESTING, CONTENT WRITING, MEDICAL CODING, PROJECT MANAGEMENT are planned for this academic year and have a great scope as a career.


On the assumption of autonomous status, the College geared itself up towards augmenting Human Resources for achieving innovative ventures and one such pioneering venture that was launched in 1983, was the Department of Continuing Education. With Dr. R. Rajkumar as its dynamic first Director, the Department emerged as the autonomous M.C.C. School of Continuing Education (MCCSCE) of the College. As an expression of its commitment to respond effectively to the plight of the less privileged youth, who, for various reasons,   could not join the main stream of the college the MCCSCE through the years has developed several Job and Career Oriented and Skill-Development Courses.

The MCCSCE also provides students of the mainstream of the college the opportunity to take advantage of the courses offered on part-time basis, either in the forenoon or afternoon sessions and/or on Week-ends (Saturdays).  Thus, a student of the graduate or postgraduate course of the mainstream who  has  the  entire  forenoon  or afternoon free from class work, will have the option to chose any of the morning or evening or Week-end (Saturday) courses and earn one or two Diplomas, in addition to the Degree which will help in getting employment on completion of the regular course in the college.


  1. To invest human resource in Nation building.  This is achieved by providing the appropriate academic and application based inputs  in order to exploit the inbuilt resources of the individual.
  2. To permit the maximum  exposure to the students for innovative ideas, provided by the experts in each area of specialization.
  3. To inculcate   in the students   the spirit  of self-reliance   and communicative skills.
  4. To provide every opportunity to students to appreciate the dignity of labour and to move from the periphery to the core in human society.
  5. To train the apparently handicapped youth in the process of knowledge and technology transfer.

The courses of the  MCC School of  Continuing Education are aimed at imparting knowledge and skills which help in getting jobs and enable Self-Employment and Self-Improvement.


New Courses

One Year Advanced Diploma in Film Technology

Media and Entertainment Industry in India is growing at a very rapid pace now. According to FICCI(Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) statistics, the M & E industry‘s annual growth rate stands at 17%. More than 1000 films are produced in India every year. Satellite TVs are ever-increasing its manifold. There are more than 750 TV channels in India now. Films and TV being a multi-faceted industry needs a trained and specialized personnel in pre-production, production and post production. Comparing to the demand of the skilled and trained personnel, the output is very minimal. To bridge this gap between the demand and the supply , MCC School of continuing Education is starting” One year advanced diploma in film teachnology” viz … screenplay writing & Direction, cinematography, Editing,sound,Graphics and Annimation and Acting.

During : One year (Two Semester)
Eligibility : Minimum Qualification +2 ( 50% ) preference will be given to viscom students)
Course fee: 1,00,000/-

Diploma in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing deals with advertising routed through online streams to enhance the sale of goods. Buyers in the present greatly depend on online platforms to learn more about products they intend buying. Digital Marketing has gained significance in the light of the pandemic when conventional modes of marketing and advertising have failed to deliver. Digital marketing has the added advantage of better product visibility, description and product analysis. This job oriented course offers tremendous opportunities

Duration         : 6 months     

Eligibility       :  12th Pass

Course Fee     :  Rs. 8000/

Certificate course in Master Class Music

Master class in Music offers an unique opportunity to learn directly from experts in the field of Music production and performance. In this course you will learn the nuances of music score – sight reading, vocal techniques, arranging and producing music.

You will be mentored by stalwarts from the music industry.

MCC – SCE is exploring collaborations with world renowned Music Teaching Institutions like Berkely School of Music, London College of Music and Trinity college of Music and will soon be offering certification in partnership with them.

Duration         : 6 months

For further information, please contact SCE Office (044 – 22397069)

Diploma/Internship in Hotel Operations and Food Safety Management

This is a comprehensive one-year (two semester) course in Hotel Operations and Management. The course introduces the student to the Hotel industry on a broad spectrum. It traces the growth of the Hotel industry and deals with the operational aspects and the management verticals of the industry. Key areas such as revenue management, maintenance, reservation, finance and accounts, food and beverage, stewarding and other aspects that are an integral part of the functioning of a hotel will be learnt by the student.

Duration         : One Year (Two Semester) 

Course Fee     :  Rs. 15000/- for the first semester /Rs. 3000/-

Eligibility       :  10/12th Pass, UG/PG any degree

Diploma/Internship in Shipping Logistics

Shipping is a trade that involves transfer of cargo by sea between traders and across nations. Logistics deals with the operation of shipping cargo from the port of embarkation to the port of disembarkation. Tasks such as booking, buying, forwarding, stocking and distribution form an integral part of the supply chain that constitutes logistics. Shipping is vital and influences trends in foreign exchange markets and international relations. This course will familiarize students with laws that govern the import and export of goods and the functioning of ports. It also offers unlimited job opportunities in the area where there is a great demand for trained hands.

 Duration         : Diploma 6 months / Internship 30 days

Course Fee     : Diploma Rs. 8000/- / Internship Rs. 3000/-

Eligibility       :  12th Pass

Diploma/Internship in the Elements of Archaeology

Elements of Archaeology is a lecture cum practical course that introduces students to key concepts and practical approaches in archaeology, highlighting their applications in interpreting the human past. The definition, aims and scope of Archaeology and its development as a discipline is introduced to the students. The nature of Archaeological records and the unique role of science in Archaeology are explained. The course also provides an understanding of the cultural development and diversity from human origins to the development of civilizations. Legislations related to Archaeology and the role of Archaeology in heritage management is also discussed in this course.

Duration         : Diploma 6 months / Internship 30 days  

Course Fee     : Diploma Rs. 6000/-, Internship Rs. 2500/-

Eligibility       :  12th Pass

Diploma/Internship in Counselling Skills

This is a six-month diploma program that targets students, teachers, human resource personnel and professionals in people-oriented disciplines. The objectives of this program are to orient participants to wellness and prevention as desired counseling goals. The participants will develop a deep understanding of personal qualities, values and levels of competency for effective application of counseling skills. Students who aspire to become counselors in different capacities will benefit from this course.

Duration         : 6 months     

Course Fee     : Rs. 8000/3000

Eligibility       : 12th Pass


Cheminformatics is the use of computational and informational techniques to understand problems of chemistry and biology. This field focuses mainly on storing, indexing, searching, retrieving, and applying information about chemical compounds. Cheminformatics strategies are very helpful in handling and screening large set of molecules using computers.

The Objectives include the understanding of various cheminformatics tools used in molecular modelling, the understanding of the drug discovery process, the showcasing of the role of computational chemistry in drug designing, the prediction of drug-likeness properties of various molecules. With hands-on training in softwares used in Cheminformatics, students will be helped to understand the strategies involved in the process of drug discovery, and also in the design of new molecules while visualizing their molecular properties and in the investigation of the action of drugs. The course has been initiated by the Department of Chemistry, MCC and includes Faculty drawn from the department and outside Specialists.

Duration           : 3 months      

Eligibility          : BSc Chemistry students of 1st,2nd & 3rd years or those who have completed BSc (Chemistry)

Course Fee        :           Rs. 4000/- per semester

Certificate Course in Environment, Health and Safety Management

Certificate Course in Industries Psychology and Organisational Development

Post Graduate Diploma Courses

Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (PGDHRM)

In Modern Management Human Resource Management has emerged as the backbone of any organization.   Hiring and Retaining best talents have become a global challenge.   Every day, new concepts and techniques of Human Resource Management are making the HRD people’s job more challenging as well as more creative.   Modern HR trends are based on various concepts like performance appraisal, training and development, outsourcing, counseling, cross-cultural understanding, employee welfare policies, to list a few.

Keeping these in view the MCC School of Continuing Education offers the Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management which aims at providing efficient and effective Human Resource to meet the present and future demands of Industry.   The course is designed in such a way that the student will get wide exposure to practical and modern aspects of HRM.

The subjects offered include: –   Management Concepts, Social Process & Behavioural Issues, Human Resource Management, Labor Laws and IR, Research Methodology, Mini Project, Training and Development, Human Resource Development, Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Contemporary Perspectives in HR, Human Resource Information System, Final Project & Viva – Voce.

      Duration               :   One year (Two Semesters)

      Eligibility             :   Graduates from any recognized University

      Course Fee           :   Rs. 10000/- per semester

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA)

The course content includes: – Computer Languages such as C, C++, JAVA, Packages such as MS Office-Web Design, Oracle-VB, TALLY, MS Dos-Windows as Operating System – System Analysis & Data Processing.  The students are also introduced to Digital Electronics & Elements of Computer Hardware.  At the end of the second semester, the students are required to submit a project report. Many past students are working in reputed software companies.

            Duration         :   One year (Two Semesters)

            Eligibility       :   Graduates from any recognized University

            Course Fee     :   Rs. 7500/- per semester

Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (PGDMLT)

Today Medical Laboratories are playing a vital role in the field of Human Health, Medical Research and Medical Treatment. The PGDMLT course has been designed to impart training to science graduates in the field of Medical Laboratory Technology. Recent developments viz., Laboratory Informatics and Quality Control have also been included in the course content.

The syllabus covers both theory and practical aspects involved in all divisions of clinical laboratory technology including histological techniques. This includes Human Anatomy; Histology and Physiology; Language of Medicine; Medical Instrumentation; Hematology; Immunology; Pathology; Parasitology; Microbiology; Transudates and Exudates; Clinical Biochemistry; Clinical Ethics etc. Practical training includes live training for a period of time in Hospitals / Medical Instrumentation centers and a Project Report at the end of the second semester. Job placements can be had in Hospitals & Clinical Labs. The candidate could start his/her own Clinical Lab.

                     Duration            :           One year (Two Semesters)

                     Eligibility          :           Graduates in Biological Science

                     Course Fee        :           Rs. 10000/- per semester

A special fee of Rs.1000/- will be collected along with the first semester fees.


Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication (PGDJMC)

This course provides an excellent opportunity to graduates to receive intensive training    in  Journalism and Mass Communication through judicious  exposure  to various subjects  such as the Constitution,  Politics, Philosophy, Sociology, Arts and Crafts of Newspaper and Magazine Journalism;  Feature Writing and Language Skills; Mass Media and Society; Advertising and Public Relations; Broadcast Journalism; Reporting, Editing, Radio and Television Production; Investigative, Scientific, Business & Sports Journalism; Workshops on Photography, Videography, Film Appreciation; Cultural and other contemporary trends in Journalism; Media Analysis & Research Methodology; Indian Society and Development Communication;  Internship  Training  in  Newspaper  and Media Institutions and a Project at the end of the second semester.

Many past students are working in reputed newspapers and other media.

  Duration         :   One year (Two Semesters)

  Eligibility       :   Graduates from recognized Universities

Course Fee     :   Rs. 10000/- per semester  

Diploma Courses

Barista, K-Chef, Bakery and Food Safety

This course introduces the students to practical knowledge in Barista, Korean-Chef (K-Chef), Baking and Food Safety Management Systems. Barista provides extensive knowledge of various exotic types of coffee and presentation while serving customers. K-Chef introduces the students to distinctive Korean cuisine with presentation skills. The Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) guide students in acquiring food safety requirements. The Baking Course provides extensive practical knowledge and skill in the production and serving of bakery items.̋

Diploma in Human Resource Management (DHRM)

An  unfathomable  natural  resource  that  continually  invites exploitation is the Human Resource constituting the  nerve  center of every  organization   which  is   engaged  in  serving  the  society: concepts, conviction, ethics, values etc. are consistently  subjected  to revision  in a  dynamic   society,   warranting  special   measures   of drawing  liberally from  the  wealth  of  Human Resource that includes ability in decision making, technical skills, competence in managing assets, knowledge dissemination,  integrity,  commitment  and  resourcefulness in managing crises.

This one-year morning / evening course is offered in two semesters and the course content includes: – Concepts in Human Resource Management; Business Management; Organizational Behavior; Business Communication; Industrial Relations and Labor Law.

Duration         :  One year (Two semesters)

Eligibility       :  12th Pass, those undergoing graduation

Course Fee     :  Rs. 6500/- per semester.

Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT)

This one-year course provides every opportunity to those who desire to have training in Clinical Laboratory Technology. It seeks to fill the prevailing lacuna, to the extent possible, so that the rural masses will have the opportunity of receiving the services of such suitably qualified medical laboratory technicians.

This course is administered by specialists in various related fields (Biochemistry; Human Anatomy; Physiology; Histology; Parasitology; Microbiology; Clinical Ethics and Clinical Laboratory administration). The Course content includes principles & practice of Laboratory Organization & Maintenance; Urine Analysis; Hematology &   Blood Banking   and basics   of Medical   Microbiology; Clinical Biochemistry; Parasitology; Immunology; Histopathology; General Medicine; Cytology; Human Anatomy & Physiology, Communication Skills, Life Coping Skills etc.

Job placements can be had in Hospitals & Clinical Labs. The candidate could start his/her own Clinical Lab.

Duration         : One year (Two Semesters)

Eligibility       : 12th Pass 

Course Fee     : Rs. 9000/- per semester.

Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA)

This two-semester course is specially designed to train the students to handle independently various categories of computers and programming. The course content comprises of Computer Programming in C, C++ and JAVA; Packages such as Oracle-VB, MS Office-Web Designing and Tally with MS Dos and Windows as operating systems.

Apart from regular lectures, practical on computer systems are held.

Duration         :  One year (Two Semesters)

 Eligibility       :  12th Pass

 Course Fee     :  Rs. 6500/- per semester

Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication (DJMC)

This course is aimed at providing an understanding and experience of different aspects of Journalism and Mass Communication.

The students are exposed to various subjects such as the Constitution, Politics, Philosophy, Sociology, Arts & Crafts of Newspaper & Magazine Journalism, Mass Media & Society, Editing, Television Production, Investigative, Scientific, Business and Sports Journalism, Cultural and other Contemporary trends in Journalism, Indian Society and Development Communication etc.,

Duration         :  One year (Two Semesters)

Eligibility       :  12th Pass, those undergoing graduation

Course Fee     :  Rs. 7000/- per semester

Diploma in Montessori & Primary School Teacher Training (DMPSTT)

This course is tailored to provide much desired training to Nursery, Kindergarten and Primary School teachers and parents. Aspects of child development, behaviour, nutrition, hygiene, first aid, child safety, value education, child’s rights, education for children with special needs and their inclusion in all schools are some of the essential components of this course

Duration         :   Six months; (Saturdays Batch 1 Year)

Eligibility       :   12th Pass

Course Fee     :   Rs. 12500/-

Certificate Courses

Understanding Learning Difficulties in Children

While Schools have carefully designed curriculum, teachers have to take care of the learning by children by appropriate teaching methods with individual attention. Special care has to be taken by Teachers in identifying any Learning Disabilities and Differential Behaviour in Children.

The course touches upon Child Development and Different Learning Disabilities, Identification of Learning Disability based on symptoms and differential Behaviour, the assessment of Learning Disabilities, the causes and guidance for slow learning and includes sessions on how to do initial counseling for parents of children with learning Disabilities.

Primary School Teachers and parents are expected to benefit greatly from this course.

Duration         : 3 months

Eligibility       : 12th Pass       

Course Fee     : Rs. 5000/-

Certificate Course in Graphic Designing

The scope of ‘Graphic Design’ covers various forms of communications: – brochures, banners, bill boards, signs, logos, illustrations for books, package design, graphics for cars, buses, trains, planes, advertisements in all media and a host of other areas.

This course imparts training in ‘CorelDraw, Photoshop and InDesign’ which will help the student to take the first steps in becoming adept at ‘Graphic Designing’.

 Duration         :   Three months

 Course Fee     :   Rs. 7000/-

Effective Communication in English

The primary aim of the course is to equip the students in the four language skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing.   The training imparted will also act as a preparation for those who would like to appear for the International English Language Testing System exam, a prerequisite for enrollment to many universities abroad, for overseas employment & immigration.

Duration         :  4 months

Eligibility       :  12th Pass

Course Fee     :  Rs. 6000/-

Bridge Course in English

This course is aimed at giving confidence to students to communicate effectively in English. The students especially from the vernacular medium will benefit in being able to better understand the lectures which are in English. This course will also help the students in communicating with the outside world in English. People in employment and housewives desirous of gaining confidence in communicating in English can also join.

Duration         :  3 months

Course Fee     :  Rs. 2500/-

Certificate Course in French

This course is aimed at introducing ‘French’ to new learners (absolute beginners) and also for those who have done French in School as a second language. Emphasis will be on correct pronunciation and a proper foundation in grammar will be given to enable the student to face any School or University examination where French is a second language. In addition, the student will be able to communicate (basic conversations) in French. The certificate course will also help in preparation for the International Exam DELF (A1).  

Duration         :  6 months

Course Fee     :  6000/-

Spoken Hindi

This course is aimed primarily at giving an opportunity to learn to speak in Hindi & understand Spoken Hindi.   Students will be also taught the alphabets & exposed to reading & writing in Hindi. This course will act as a Foundation for preparation for entry level Hindi exams conducted by accredited bodies.           

Duration         :  3 months

Course fee      :  Rs. 3500/-

MS Office

The course is aimed at enabling the student in using MS Word, Excel & Power Point which have become essential in our daily use both at Office & home. Practical training will be given by our experienced faculty. Students can opt for also appearing for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MS Word, XL, Power Point) Exam for which Mock Tests will be given with useful Tips.

Duration         :  3 months

Course Fee     :  Rs. 3000/-

Tally with introduction to Financial Accounting

This course is aimed at enabling the students understand the basics of Financial Accounting. The students will also be given practical training on how to make Accounting entries using the ‘TALLY’ software which is almost ‘generic’ with Accounting software in India.   

Duration         :  3 months

Eligibility       :  12th Pass      

Course Fee     :  Rs. 5000/-

Advanced XL

This course will enable the students to perform complex calculations, organize and analyze data, create reports, presentations, templates etc.  XL is a versatile tool in recording, analyzing & management of data.  Practical knowledge of XL is very useful in the fields of Administration & Accounting.

Duration         :  2 months

Eligibility       :  12th Pass      

Course Fee     :  Rs. 3500/-

C, C++ & JAVA

This course is aimed at training students to be able to use C, C++ & JAVA for any programming requirements.

Duration         :  3 months

Eligibility       :  12th Pass      

Course Fee     :  Rs. 5000/-

Event Management

Any occasion, be it a kid’s birthday party or the launch of a brand / product or a sporting event (even the Olympics had Event Managers) or a cultural event has today professionals who are involved in the planning, design & smooth conduct of these events.

From an unorganized sector, Event Management has become a specialized field requiring a lot of training & exposure. This course is aimed at imparting creative and practical Skills & covers areas of event handling, coordinating with safety / security authorities etc.     

Duration         :  3 months

Eligibility       :  12th Pass

Course Fee     :  Rs. 5000/-

Videography & Photography

The student is taught the basics of Photography and Videography to enable him / her to develop and enhance his / her skills or career as a photographer / videographer either as an amateur or a professional. Practical Training will also be given.

Duration         : 3 months

Course Fee     : Rs. 6000/-

Online Journalism

Digital Journalism also known as Online Journalism is a contemporary form of journalism where the Internet is used instead of the Print Media.   The course includes basics of Journalism, writing for the web, principles of web design & Search Engine optimization.   The student will learn to blog, tweet, design their own web pages & newsletters. Special Training on content writing will be given.

Duration         : 3 months

Eligibility       : 12th Pass       

Course Fee     : Rs. 3000/-

Audio Production

This course offers hands on Training on various aspects involved in professional Audio Production. Sessions would include the basics of sound  to  details  and  exposure  to Audio Production Hardware and Audio Production Software followed by Recording and Mixing Sessions. Included in the Practical instruction will be editing, film dubbing etc., Students will be given Practical guidance on all aspects of Professional Audio Production.  

Duration         :           4 months

Course Fee     :           Rs. 12000/-

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has evolved to being an integral part of the way businesses  connect  with their Target Audience. With  more  and more Organizations planning a more strategically integrated approach for their social media or their Social Media Marketing Campaigns, there is an increasing demand for savvy Social Media Marketing Professionals.

This course will provide learners with a foundational knowledge of Social  Media  Marketing  and  the  know-how to  navigate the Digital World. This Course will also enable Learners to develop skills in writing and editing Social Media Content and how to integrate Social media into an Overall Communications Strategy.

Duration         :   3 months

Eligibility       :   12th Pass

Course Fee     :   Rs. 7000/-

Data Analytics

Analytics also known as ‘Business Analytics’ refers to the Software and Methods that Organizations use to understand Data. It is the Scientific process of deriving insights from Raw Data to support Decision-Making.

The Analytics industry is one of the fastest growing and  the demand for people with deep analytic skills is increasing rapidly. The shortage of well-trained and experienced Analysts makes this industry worth pursuing as a Career option. This Course will enable the learner to be able to demonstrate his/her Business Analytic  Skills to potential/Existing Employers thus gaining an edge over others in Jobs/Career enhancement.

Duration            : 4 months

Eligibility          :  Doing Graduation

Course Fee        :  Rs. 10000/-


* The fee indicated are exclusive of GST.

Duration of the Courses

The Diploma and PG Diploma Courses are usually of 1-year duration (two semesters), except the Diploma Course in Montessori and Primary School Teaching which is of 6 months duration. Certificate Courses vary from 1 month to 6 months duration. The classes are held between 9 a.m. and 1 pm for the morning session and 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. in the afternoon session. Classes are also held on Saturdays. There could be some special courses scheduled apart from these timings and during weekends.

Attendance Requirements

Attendance is compulsory for all courses and 100% attendance is desirable. A minimum of 75% attendance is required to be eligible to appear for the End of Semester Exams (for Certificate & Diploma Courses).

A student with less than 75% attendance but more than 65% attendance can apply for Condonation which may be permitted at the discretion of the DIRECTOR.

A student getting less than 65% attendance but more than 50% will not be allowed to appear for the ESE in that particular semester but will be allowed to write those papers as arrears in the subsequent End of Semester Examination.

A student who has less than 50% of attendance will be declared non eligible, but will have the option to rejoin the particular semester only in the subsequent year by paying the semester fees.

If a student has not been permitted to appear for the exams in the first semester and if he / she lacks enough attendance to appear for the second semester exams also then such a student cannot be permitted to appear for any exams in future nor will he/ she be allowed to repeat the semester. Future admission to any course will also be denied.

Examinations and Assessments

Continuous Internal Assessments (CA) and external End of Semester Examinations (ESE) are two modes of assessment of the performance of a student. Field/Project work and Presentations may also form part of the requirements to assess the student.

CA: For Diploma & PG Diploma Courses there will be a single mid semester examination for each paper of two hours duration, to be completed before the ESE. The score of the mid semester examination (CA) will account for 50% marks. Students needing to improve upon their CA marks so as to pass [CA+ESE=40; ESE min 20] will be given an opportunity to retake the CA Exam at the end of each semester on payment of Rs. 100/- as CA retake fee. Examinations will be conducted in April/May and in  November/December. The Fee for E.S.E. arrear Examinations will be Rs.150/- per Paper.

E.S.E.: The End of Semester Examinations will be conducted at the end of each semester (November / April).   The CA retake & ESE arrears examinations will be conducted in April/May and in November/December. The Fee for E.S.E. arrear Examinations will be Rs.150/- per Paper.

(a)   With certain exceptions, the duration of each paper of E.S.E. is three hours. Separate minimum of 20 marks is required in the ESE for a pass and the passing minimum of CA and ESE marks combined is 40.

(b)   Semester Examination results will be given after the meeting of the Board of Examiners.

No of attempts

A student of the Diploma / PG Diploma courses will be allowed only three attempts within a period of 3 years after the ending of the course to appear for any of the arrears exams (ESE).

A student of a Certificate Course will be allowed only a maximum of 2 attempts within a period of 2 years after the course to appear for any of the arrears exams.


Diplomas / Certificates and proficiency prizes are awarded at the special Annual day / Convocation celebration arranged during the academic year. Convocation address is given by the Guest of Honor. Students will be informed according to the communication address given in the admission application form. Any change in the address should be intimated to the Director, MCCSCE without delay