About Us

The Department of Mathematics, Self-Financed Stream, was started in June 2003. It is a fast-growing Department with a vision to impart knowledge and Mathematical skills to young aspiring minds and to make them realize that Mathematics is an amazing field where truth and beauty mean the same. Over the years many of our students have been placed in prestigious institutions which is a matter of pride for the department. The major thrust areas of the Department are Complex Analysis, Graph Theory and Applications of Differential Equations.

The Department offers an undergraduate degree programme in Mathematics. The B.Sc. degree programme offers both Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics courses, with specialised courses in Operations Research and Cryptography. In Theoretical Computer Science we offer a unique Formal Languages and Graph Theory course. Computer Programming papers such as LaTeX, Python programming and R programming are also part of the curriculum. In addition, Basics in Mathematics, Mathematical Statistics, Mathematics for Competitive exams and Space Science courses are offered.

Programmes Offered

B. Sc Mathematics


Programme Specific Outcome

On successful completion of B.Sc. Mathematics degree programme, students will be able to

  • Communicate the concepts of Mathematics effectively using various instructional strategies, both physically and geometrically.
  • Develop Mathematical ideas from basic axioms on Algebra and Calculus to analyze valid mathematical reasoning and logical thinking
  • Demonstrate proficiency in solving numerical problems, linear programming problems and networking models
  • Utilize Mathematical skills to solve theoretical and applied problems and identify applications of Mathematics in various disciplines.
  • Visualize elements of Analytics, theory of Computer Science and Cryptography as application of Mathematics
  • Use software and programming languages like LaTeX, C, Python and R to solve Mathematical and Statistical problems

Our Roots (History)

The Department of Mathematics, Self-Financed Stream, was started in the year June 2003 with just a hand full of students, one full time faculty and a guest faculty. To the credit of the department at the end of 2004 it got its affiliation from the University of Madras.  The department has grown over the years with over 180 students currently studying and we have five full time teaching faculty.

Highlights of the Programme

This academic year keeping in mind the current trend of society and the boom in Data Science and Research we have introduced special courses like Mathematical Statistics with R programming, Python programming and Writing with LaTeX. Mathematics graduates occupy roles such as Software Engineers, Data Scientist, Actuarial Science Analysts, Statisticians, Operation Research Analysts, Teaching, Accountants, Government servants and many more. Keeping in mind our goals we are determined to inculcate the vision of the Department in the younger generation.

Association / Events


Our department forum “ACTUARIA’– organizes cultural events. It is inaugurated every year by a distinguished personality in the field of mathematics.  Eminent speakers are invited to give talks on recent trends in mathematics to encourage the students.


An Inter School & Inter Collegiate Competition

  • Fun oriented approach towards mathematics
  • Designed aptly to kindle mathematical interests among young minds.
  • Sparing their monotonous academics Syllabus
  • Each event is designed to develop a student’s inborn potential to think creatively
  • Quiz, dumb Charades, Sudoku, Number Chain, Puzzles, Mathematical Sketching, Modelling are some of the events.


An intra-department competition where all students of our department compete among themselves in interesting and fun events. We encourage budding sportsmen and students in general to groom their talent, become stronger physically, mentally and spiritually. This is our college principle.

List of Special Events and Conferences

  • Webinar on “A brief introduction to Matlab”, by Dr. Sudha Sundaram, Mount Carmel College, Bangalore in August 2021.
  • Webinar on “Mathematics for Machine Learning & Data Science”, by Mr. K Karthikeyan, Mobius Knowledge Service in August 2021.
  • Webinar on “Mathematics in Computer Science – A Motivation”, by Dr. B Jayaram, VIT – Chennai in July 2021.
  • Webinar on “Mathematical Problems: A different view”, by Dr. M Sundarakannan, SSN College of Engineering in July 2021.
  • A workshop on” Data Analytics” was conducted at the International guest house by Dr. Lakshmi in August 2018.
  • A workshop on “Opportunities of higher education in Mathematics” both India and abroad was conducted by Mansi foundation in January 2017


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