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As the Corona virus Pandemic unfolded across the nation, normal life came to a halt which created onslaught of triggers and stressors for the students. This crisis situation is an obvious threat to physical safety, but it’s important to realize that the psychological impact of COVID-19 is just as real as the physical impact. 

We need to be intentional every day to take care of our mental health. Student Counselling Services offer tips to the MCC Community about coping with the stress and anxiety associated with this current situation. For students experiencing emotional and psychological concerns a good place to start is to focus on small things that you can control.

Create a daily schedule and routines.

Activities to think about while creating routines are going to bed and waking up, personal hygiene, meals, exercise routines, screen time vs. non-screen time activities, activities to enrich your knowledge and time with friends and family.

Student Counsellor

Jemima Wesley Williams

Keep check on what you feed your mind

If you are gripped with fear, aren’t sleeping well and taken over by emotions, check in with how much social media and news you are watching each day. Exercise your choice over the selection of movies and videos that you watch. Listen and watch resources that construct your emotional wellbeing. Simple act of tracking can reduce your social media binging.

Find your purpose and meaning.

While we certainly can’t control what is happening around us, students can control their inner experience of it. The Student counseling center, MCC encourages students to make use of this ample time to define who there are and understand why they feel, what they feel or why they do what they do. To focus on the positive aspects of their lives and be filled with gratitude for the things big and small.  Finally, this could be a time to connect or re-connect with a spiritual community and find meaning and purpose in life.

As we are all adjusting in these uncertain times we want you to know that help is available. Student Counseling Service is here to help you address personal or emotional problems.

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Referral to the Psychological Counseling Services and the counseling process will be kept in confidence and will not be written in the student’s academic file. Rules of confidentiality are in accordance with the ethical guidelines of psychologists.

In some cases it might benefit the student for the psychologist to be in contact with their Parents or other professionals in the community; however this will only be done with the student’s direct permission or in case of emergency.

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