MCC Pulicat Community College

About Us

Pulicat is a small village adjoining the second largest brackish water lake in India, the Pulicat Lake. There are about 55 villages around the lake dependent directly or indirectly on the lake. The Department of Zoology, Madras Christian College, has an ‘off-campus’ laboratory, the Estuarine Biological Laboratory at Pulicat since 1968. There has been a cordial relationship maintained between MCC and the people of Pulicat. A considerable number of students from Pulicat have come to do their studies in various disciplines for their UG, PG and a few doing Ph.D. program at MCC, Tambaram.

There was a constant request from the local people that MCC should start a college in Pulicat for their people. Looking in to the actual need of the people and the feasibility of the project, we started the MCC Pulicat Community College to specifically cater to their needs. The Pulicat Community College was inaugurated on 11 th  October, 2019 with 21 students in two courses.


MCC-PCC is to be established to empower the people of Pulicat to be employable in various sectors and also to be trained to have an additional income through a few vocational courses that would mould them to be entrepreneurs.


Community College concept was introduced here mainly to cater to a large number of youngsters who were not able to continue their studies owing to finance, failing in exams, gender issues, social issues and recklessness. People who have money, who excel in studies would get opportunities elsewhere but these people cannot. These people are our target group and eventually our beneficiaries.

Courses offered

  1. Diploma in Health Care
  2. Diploma in Computer Hardware and Mobile Repair

The courses started in October 2019 with 14 students in Health Care and 7 in Computer Hardware. The Lockdown due to the pandemic forced us to close college from March, 2020. Classes for the Health care students started in July and were able to complete the 1st and 2nd semester online.


From Oct 20, 2020 students started their internship programme. Three students had been placed for jobs in a hospital in Ponneri.

Activities carried out

Admissions for the academic year 2021-2022 has been initiated with the promise of regular classes in the classroom. Seven admissions have been found prospective with two students having joined the Health Care course.

Estuarine Biological Laboratory, Pulicat (EBLP)

With encouragement from the then Principal and financial support from the UGC, the EBLP was founded in 1968. Regular field study tours for Zoology students are conducted to study the Pulicat Lake ecosystem and its biodiversity. Research on them has resulted in nearly twenty Ph.D. theses, publication of three books, and several journal and conference papers.

This field laboratory and its dormitory managed by the Department of Zoology, amidst the scenic beauties of the Pulicat Lake is utilized by all departments of our college for interdisciplinary studies relevant to that locale and its fisherfolk, in collaboration with the Department of Zoology. With the funding from the United Board, a dormitory and other relevant facilities were added in 2009.