Partnership with Higher Education Institutions and Research Laboratories

To promote academic collaboration between mutually agreeing higher education institution (HEI), research laboratory and university of high repute Madras Christian College will make every reasonable effort to sign letter of intent (LOI), a generic overarching memorandum of understanding (MOU) and/or a discipline specific memorandum of agreement (MOA).

Upon mutual agreement, both the parties (MCC and HEI) will enter into negotiations on the following general form of cooperation:

  • Joint research activities leading to journal publications
  • Exchange of academic information and data subject to copyright issues.
  • Joint hosting of conferences, seminars and special thematic lectures
  • Mobility of staff for special training and research collaboration
  • Exchange of students for semester abroad programmes
  • Co-operation and participation in lectures, seminars and conferences
  • Co-operation in administrative issues

The themes of joint activities, the terms and conditions for utilising the outcome/results achieved, arrangement of specific visits and other forms of co-operation will be expressed under MOA for each specific case by the concerned parties.

The implementation of any agreement will commence upon its signing by both the parties, and that it will be valid initially for a three-year duration from the date of executing the MoU/ MoA/ LoI. The contents and terms are subject to revision and modifications by mutual consent. The possibility and terms of renewal of agreement will be discussed by both the parties within six months prior to its termination.

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Policy on Research and Development

Policy on Consultancy

Office of Research Integrity (ORI)