Deanery – Research and Development

An Overview of the Deanery of Research and Development

Keeping in line with its core values of Academic Excellence, Spiritual Vitality and Social Relevance, the Madras  Christian College is committed to freedom of speech, inquiry and the creation of new knowledge. In Madras Christian College, research and the regular teaching-learning process are imperative and indispensable. To organise, coordinate and/or stimulate scientific research in the field of Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences. The Research and Development Cell of Madras Christian College functions through the Deanery consisting of the Dean and Associate Deans

The objectives of the Deanery are to:

  • Ensure a suitable ecosystem for research and development in the institution
  • Formulate and amend suitable research policies and practices that are to be followed in the Institution
  • Ensure integrity and ethical practices in research activities by facilitating approvals in formal committees
  • Equip faculty, research scholars and students through capacity building initiatives.
  • Promote and facilitate collaborative and/or interdisciplinary research and enhancement of research networking capacity and infrastructure
  • Encourage faculty and students to be involved in research projects and publish papers in indexed journals through incentives and awards
  • Facilitate access to grants and funding for research projects through governmental and non governmental organisations at national and international levels.

Dr Tabitha Durai

Dean - Research and Development

Dr Hanumantha Rao

Associate Dean - Sciences

Dr Marilyn Gracey Augustine

Associate Dean - Humanities