Dean-Research and Development

Policy for Research and Development

Research & Development in any higher education intuition must comprise creative work undertaken on a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of knowledge in various fields of humanities, science & technology and advance education, learning and enhance research outcomes.

The Deanery of Research & Development (DRD) at MCC was established in 2012 with a Dean and two Associate Deans. The DRD functions with the following broad objectives

  • To provide information on research projects, grants, etc.
  • To equip staff, research scholars with capacity building measures
  • To encourage innovative/creative ideas, start-up projects
  • To recognise research contributions with incentives and awards
  • To bring state of art of technology and latest techniques
  • To bring out high quality in-house journal publication
  • To provide conducive climate for research work

Dr T. Robinson

Dean - Research and Development

Dr Tabitha Durai

Associate Dean - Humanities

Dr Hanumantha Rao

Associate Dean - Sciences