MCC Rural Service League School

About Us

The Madras Christian College Rural Service League (MCC RSL) (Graamiya Sevai Maiyam) school has been part of the rural extension work of the Madras Christian College. This comes under the ethos of MCC which is social relevance. 

Based on principles of truth, compassion, and holistic education, the school prides itself in its contribution towards academic upliftment along with social outreach.

The school was founded by the First Indian Principal of Madras Christian College, Dr. Chandran Devanesan for the advancement of the economically challenged communities of West Tambaram, Maandhoppu, Irumbilyur, Kadapperi and Kannadiyar Paalaiyam. Further developments in the growth of the school were envisioned and brought into effect by Dr. Robert Guruswamy, former Bursar, Madras Christian College.  This unit has continued its stellar services to the suppressed communities in the Tambaram area.

Milestones in the development of the school

The school that was started in 1948 had humble beginnings. The first classes were conducted in a shed with three teachers. In the early years, Rev. E. O Shaw played a key role in the growth of the school.   

In 1963 the school was upgraded to a middle school with  Mr.John Deva Anugraham as headmaster and Dr.Chandran Devanesan as Correspondent.  Under their leadership, the school expanded into multiple sections with a faculty strength of 23. 

In 1963, a park was created by Dr. Chandran Devanesan for the children residing in the hills nearby.  The park was opened by the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Mr. K. Kaamarajar. Later the street next to the area was named after  Dr. Chandra Devanesan.

The school became a high school in 1993 due to the efforts of Mr. Arjun Gnanaolivu (former, Bursar) and  headmaster Mr.Rajkumar. 

Classes I to V was categorized as primary school, VI to VIII as Aided and IX to XII self-financed. 

The primary school which started in a hay shed was renovated to a building in the year 1974  and further extended with new classrooms. In 1995 the Madras Metro Round Table – 95 set up a deep well for drinking water. In the same year, with the support of the correspondent Mr.Densil S Bob and the headmistress Ms.Sugula Rossyear more renovations were undertaken with the help of the Madras Metro Round table.  

The Madras Metro Round Table built Restrooms for the school in the year 2000.

In 2007 a computer classroom was opened for the benefit of higher secondary school  students.

In the year 2012 infrastructural extensions were carried out under the leadership of Dr.S Yagnasekar. 

In 2013, a refectory was built for the benefit of the students. 

Names of the Correspondents

  • Robert Gurusamy
  • Arjunan Gnana Olivu
  • Densil S Bob
  • M K Vishwanath
  • Ramesh Sundhar
  • S Yagna Sekar
  • Y Gnanachandra Johnson
  • S Sudarvizhi
  • S Sudha
  • S Caroline Victoria

Headmistress of Primary School

  • J Sugula Ross
  • I Hilda Grace
  • D Leethiyal Santhakumari

Head of Higher Secondary School

  • Johan Deva Anugraham
  • Rajkumar
  • Samuel
  • E Ebenezer
  • Beula
  • V Krishnaveni
  • P Evelyn Mary


  • Madras Metro Round Table – 95
  • Lions club
  • Professor Mohan Doss
  • Kamaraj seva sangam
  • Adhu Maran (Chairman Munu Aadhi trust)
  • Eleven lever (Mr. Charles)
  • Mappedu FLI (Library books)
  • Play things for KG kids (play school)
  • Sudhakar (teacher, National Higher secondary school)

Activities of the School

An assembly prayer is usually held at 9.20 AM, invoking the blessings of the Almighty, followed by students reading out important news, Thirukkural, scientific facts, etc., and taking relevant pledges every day. Each course is taught with the help of public address systems which develop the ability and knowledge of students in a fun and easy way. The three-term education program formulated by the Tamil Nadu Government is followed. The school is surrounded by a natural environment filled with trees, flowering plants, medicinal plants, and a garden that is well maintained.

The students are encouraged to engage in extra-curricular activities such as dancing, singing, story-telling, drawing, drama, speech and essay-writing to explore their talents. The reading skills of the students are developed through the resources in the library to hone their creative and intellectual capabilities. In order to develop the artistic and literary ability of the students and to bring out their unique talents, the Literary Forum Competitions (Ilakkiya Mandra Pottigal) is held every month. In order to enhance the physical fitness and health of the students, activities such as pyramid making, yoga and aerobics are also taught.

The Annual Sports Day for the students is conducted in the Madras Christian College pavilion and the students are awarded prizes and appreciation certificates. Celebration of festivals and important events such as Republic Day, Independence Day, Children’s Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Kamarajar’s Birthday, and Teacher’s Day is conducted every year with great joy and fervour. The Tamizhar Thirunaal festival of Pongal is celebrated in our school in an ethnic manner by cooking Pongal and conducting traditional competitions such as ‘uriyadithal and kolam podudhal

In order to create awareness about the importance of education among the community people, the faculty continuously engage in activities such as organizing campaigns for the admission of new students, visiting houses in the neighbourhood and giving away pamphlets and notices. The teachers generously sponsor tasty refreshments to the students. They also sponsor the transport facilities of a few students who come from faraway places.

Achievements of the Teachers

Following are the stellar triumphs of our dedicated teachers

  • The award of the year 'Sigaram thotta aasiriyargal' at the regional level was given to Mrs. P Shakila, Mrs. M Leema Margaret, Mrs. T Epsi and Mrs. R Christy Helan Gnanam.
  • The prestigious award of Tamil Nadu, the Dr. R Radhakrishnan Nall aasiriyar virudhu was won by Mrs. D Leethiyal Santhakumari in 2020.
  • The Best teacher award by Lions club was won by Mrs. Evelyn Mary during the year 2007, 2012 and 2019
  • The Best teacher award by Lions club was won by Mrs. D Leethiyal Santhakumari during the year 2008 and 2019
  • The Best teacher award of the year 2013 - 2014 by Lions club was awarded to Mrs. M Shakila and Mrs.C Aisha.
  • The Best teacher award of the year 2015 - 2016 by Lions club was awarded to Mr. E Selvanayagam.
  • The Best teacher award of the year 2018 - 2019 by Lions club was won by Mrs. S R Sangeetha.
  • The Best teacher award of the year 2019 - 2020 by Lions club was awarded by Mrs. P Shakila

Achievements of the Students

  • 2007 - 2006 Commemorative gift for Annual graduation promotion.
  • 2009 - Received first place in the regional level Boys Junior Kabbadi competition.
  • 2011 - Best School Award
  • 2012 - 2013 Award for 100% proficiency in class XII
  • 2016 - Won first place with cash award at school level science fair competition
  • 2017 - Won first place in the district level inter school science fair competition
  • 2019 - 2020 received the Purity School Award at the regional level.