Scrub Society

Madras Christian College is a home to many trees, plants and animal population. The 300 plus acres of scrub jungle accommodates the Madras Christian College. To safeguard the greenery of this scrub jungle, a small group of students, calling themselves as ‘Green Freaks’ worked for the cause of the jungle. Later they formed a society with a group of 20 members, the ‘Scrub Society’, mainly to protect the forest cover of the campus. The society brought in cooperation and a working together atmosphere among the staff, students, campus residents both student and staff and the alumni, to preserve the greenery.

For a very long time, the Scrub Society was functioning with the cooperation of only like-minded, environment-loving members, but later it was made a part of the Extension Activities, where the students must be part of one of the three activities to gain ‘one credit’, the other being NSS & NCC.

The Scrub Society organizes various events to initiate, motivate and encourage students in appreciating the Environment. Some of the events are Campus Walk, Bird Watching, Tree Census, Tree Planting and Campus Cleaning. Students are invited in batches to participate in all these activities. A few students, who are members of the other Extension Activities Unit, like the NSS, NCC and Navy also participate in the activities of the Scrub Society to learn about the campus.