MCC Community College, West Tambaram

About Us

The MCC Tambaram Community College was dedicated by the State Minister and officials of MCC association on 11th January 2013 as a milestone of the 175th-year celebration of MCC at Oxfam campus located in West Tambaram. It originally started as an extension of MCC in the form of a Maternity Service Centre, Nursery and Primary school. Considering the needs of the local community as assessed by a need-based study conducted by the Department of Social Work (Aided), MCC in 2012, this unit was converted into a community college.  Two 1 year Diploma courses were identified, which the 9th batch is now pursuing successfully. In the year 2014 a Diploma in Health Care course was approved by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) – University Grants Commission (UGC) under the scheme of Community Colleges for Twelfth (12th) passed candidates.

Objectives / Mission

The Community College is an alternative system of education, which aims at the empowerment of the disadvantaged and the underprivileged through appropriate skill development leading to employment in collaboration with the local industry and community. “Including the Excluded” is the motto of Community College.

Courses Offered

We offer two One year Diploma courses.

  1. Diploma in Health Care (DHC)
  2. Diploma in Computer Hardware Services (DCHS)



This unit seeks to meet the unique needs of the local community, which is Tambaram working predominantly with socially and economically marginalized people. The community college seeks to give opportunities to school dropouts, students who have failed in their higher secondary education,  and differently-abled students by ensuring placements in their respective fields.

Details of student beneficiaries from January 2013 to the Academic year 2021-22 [Totally Nine (9) batches] are given below:


Course Name





Diploma in Health Care (DHC)

(UGC Scheme)

Since 2014





Diploma in Health Care (DHC)





Diploma in Computer Hardware Services (DCHS)




Grand total





We have a strong Industrial partner network with the various courses offered in Community College. The following Hospitals and Computer Hardware companies mutually benefited through Community College courses, curriculum development, guest lectures, board of examiners, external valuers for practicals and semester examination paper valuation, internship program, and job placements.

Students placement Hospitals

  • Christudas Orthopedic Specialty Hospital (COSH), East Tambaram.
  • Annai Arul Hospital, Mudichur Road, Tambaram.
  • AG Hospital, West Tambaram.
  • Deepam Hospital, West Tambaram and Pallavaram.
  • JIP Hospital, Pammal and Pallavaram.
  • Madhu Hospital, East Tambaram.
  • Santhoshi Hospital, Mudichur.
  • Jawahar Hospital, West Tambaram.
  • Saayee Hospital, Chrompet, and Padappai.
  • Ramana Pediatric Speciality Hospital, Pallavaram.

Students placement Computer Hardware companies

  • Ickon Systems, Vada Pazhani.
  • Techno cure Systems, West Tambaram.
  • Crescent Systems, West Tambaram.
  • Shivkar Computers, Chrompet.
  • GPS Systems, West Tambaram.
  • Speed Computers, Chengalpet.
  • Vels Computers Chengalpet


The following activities were carried out at Tambaram Community College between January 2013 and 2021

  • MCC Tambram Community College dedication and Inaugural program conducted on 11th January 2013.
  • Board of Studies meeting conducted in February 2013 with the participation of Industrial partners from various Hospitals and Computer hardware companies to develop the curriculum for Diploma in Health Care (DHC) and Diploma in Computer Hardware Services (DCHS) courses. The Community College curriculum was approved by the Academic Council of MCC in June 2013.
  • A talent day program is conducted every year for each new batch of students to discover their abilities.
  • Annual programs such as Independence Day, Christmas Program, Pongal celebration, and sports day are conducted to ensure students integrity, leadership quality, and teamwork.
  • Lamp lighting ceremony (taking Florence Nightingale’s pledge) is conducted for all the Health Care course students annually.
  • Awareness programs were conducted in collaboration with Colgate Co., Kellogs Co.
  • CPR and first aid training were provided by St. John’s Ambulance Organisation.
  • P.G students of the Department of English, MCC conduct workshops every year on basic English communication through activities.
  • Teachers attended many Community College teachers training programs and workshops organized by the Indian Centre for Research and Development on Community Education (ICRDCE), 


  • Diploma in Health Care course received Central Government grant under the scheme of Community Colleges – UGC in the year 2014.
  • A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed with various hospitals and computer hardware companies. 
  • Economically weak students were provided with MCC Management Scholarships.
  • Job placements were ensured for students with Industrial partners after their completing Internship Hands-on training in the respective field.