Ongoing Projects

Name of the Principal investigator & Designation Subject Title of the Project Name of the funding agency Type of Project
Dr S Kalyani
Assistant Professor
Social Science A mixed Methodology Study on “Open Air Defecation to Estimate the Health Effects Among Women Residing in Rural Areas of Kanchipuram District, TN”. ICSSR Major
Dr Vijay Solomon
Assistant Professor
Science “Designing Heterocuclic N-donor-based Extractants for Actinide and Lanthandie Seperation in Nuclear Waste Treatment” A Computational Study SERB Major
Dr J Logamanaya Tilak
Assistant Professor
Science “Brain global gene expression: Developing biomarkers for reproductive success in a Estuarine fish, Mugil cephalus – A way to breeding induction” SERB Major
Dr G Ganasekaran
Assistant Professor
Science “Taxonomy, Molecular Phylogeny and Biogeography of Lepidagathis Wild (Acanthaccea) in India” SERB Major
Dr Johanan Christian Prasanna
Associate Professor
Science “Identifying pharmaceuticaly active potential SARS – COV2 Drug – A spectroscipic, DFT, Molecular dynamics simulation & molecular docking approach” TNSCST Minor
Dr P. Wilson
Principal & Secretary
Dr D. Reuban Jonathan
Assistant Professor
Dr R. Vijay Solomon
Assistant Professor
Science “Science Communication among Tribal Students of Ambalamoola through Service-Learning Science Camps” UBCHEA Major
Mrs Jemima Wesley Williams
Student Counsellor        
Dr Prince Annadurai
Assistant Professor 
Social Science “Investigator of the project “Development of Campus Based Effective Counseling and Mental Health Services” UBCHEA Major
Dr B. Chinna Muthu
Assistant Professor
Dr S. Kalyani
Assistant Professor
Dr V. Vijay Devanesan
Assistant Professor
Social Science Challenges of Rural People in Effective Utilisation of 108 Emergency Ambulance Services in Tamil Nadu – An Empirical Study ORP – TNHSRP Minor