MCC – MRF Innovation Park

About Us

The MCC – MRF Innovation Park, established in Madras Christian College and funded by MRF Limited, is an ecosystem dedicated to fostering advanced research and innovative start-ups and nurturing entrepreneurs. The innovation park is to work in collaboration with different units in MCC, such as MCC Farm, Artisan and Heritage Village, Centre for Teaching and Learning, Centre for Data Analytics, Centre for Media Production, etc., to create the right ambience for the generation of innovative ideas and to enable start-ups. The infrastructure for the innovation park spreads across 45000 sq ft.

Who can be part of MCC – MRF Innovation Park

Higher education institutions across the world and higher education agencies in India, such as UGC, AICTE, etc., have begun to focus on Innovation and entrepreneurship as a scale to measure successful academic performance and employability. Also, the whole human race is going through natural and human-induced disasters such as depletion of natural resources, endangered biodiversity, and contagious diseases, of which covid 19 is the closest stark reality. Alternative responses to these existing conditions are required from the academia towards advanced research placement, Innovation, and entrepreneurship as conventional methods which were viable a decade ago have taken a secondary position.

In response to these demands, MCC attempts to provide opportunities and resources, physical and intellectual, eco-friendly, and sustainable for the origin, development and fruition of innovative ideas from a wide range of stakeholders.

The College also intends to create a platform for developing new internships and employment opportunities. The Madras Christian College keeps its philosophy of social relevance in full view in all these ventures.

Who can be part of MCC – MRF Innovation Park

Any individual/team/enterprise that is sensitive to global, cultural, technological and ecological issues and is challenged to solve them creatively is welcome to be part of the MCC-MRF Innovation Park.

This will include

  1. Students of MCC
  2. Students of other schools/colleges
  3. Faculty of MCC
  4. Any professional
  5. Alumni of MCC

How to be part of the Innovation Park?

Got an Idea? Drop into Idea Form:Click here


You will be communicated with to pitch before a jury panel within a month, upon selections will be recommended into a suitable structured program of MCC MRF Innovation Park as below:

  • Ideation Bootcamp: 2 days – week training for aspiring innovators.
  • Pre-Incubation: 12 weeks structured training program from idea validation to a business model for aspiring innovators, determined to become entrepreneurs.
  • Incubation: Mentor Support and Assistance to Launch a Start-Up
  • Acceleration : Investment & Support Program for Growing Start Ups

To PARTNER, write to us at

To become a MENTOR apply in : Click here

Services offered by the Innovation Park

The following are the services that the MCC – MRF Innovation Park offers to budding entrepreneurs are

  1. Mentorship
  2. Networking
  3. Talent Pool Across Domain
  4. Guidance and Support in Business Analytics
  5. Company registration
  6. Legal assistance
  7. Accounting
  8. Advertising and marketing
  9. Co-working space
  10. Opportunity for the pilot launch.

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