The Oxfam School

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The Oxfam Nursery and Primary School was of natural outcome of the Maternity and Child Welfare Center founded by Mrs Barnes in the late 1930's. When the babies were born in the maternity ward, there arose a need to nurse them and provide for their basic education. Therefore, an English nursery school with a Balwadi (child care centre) and Creche was started in the year 1962. As the school was initially receiving a grant from the Oxfam, it was named after it. The school's popularity can be gauged by the statistics for the year 1967-68: Balwadi (35), Creche (15), Pre-Nursery (9), LKG (21), UKG (17), I std. (33), II std. (21), III std. (9).

An Executive Committee, consisting of the staff wives and a few public residents managed the affairs of the Centre and the school for a long time. But these came into the full managing control of the College in the year 1985.

Since then the College has been fully managing all of its affairs. An Integrated Child Service Center was started in the School premises in 2001 with support from an NGO, Caruna Bal Vikas based in Chennai. Scores of children are supported under its Project.

Today there are more than three hundred children studying in various classes from LKG to V STD. Most of these hail from the middle or low income groups of the society. The School is administered by the Oxfam School Committee, and various units of the College such as SCM, NSS and the Staff Wives and Women Staff Association (Swawsa) render necessary social support and guidance.

The Officials of the Tambaram municipality have been greatly supportive of both the Center and the Oxfam School .

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