Soft Skill For PG Students

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Soft skill programme for the postgraduate students

Consequent on the intimation from the University of Madras which envisages the introduction of soft skills at the PG level in non autonomous Colleges, Madras Christian College has taken the initiative of offering soft skill at the postgraduate level from the academic year 2007-08. Soft skill programme is mandatory for postgraduate students and they undergo training during the II and III semesters for two hours in each cycle.

Soft skills

As the very term explains soft Skills are those skills that can be developed without much effort on the part of the learner. The term accommodates several areas under its repertoire under the soft skills we have included three broad areas. They are:

  • GROUP  A    : Personality Enrichment  [4 credits, 30 hours] 
  • GROUP  B    : Communication Skill  [2 credits, 15 hours. Student chooses on language: English/German/French]
  • GROUP  C    : Career Coping Skill  [2 credits 15 hours student chooses on skill: computer Training/Public Relations/Quantitative Aptitude]


The objective is to enable students to assess their potentials and meet with challenges in career and life that will boost their employability and effectiveness.

  • Unit 1 : developing Mind skills – quizzes – General Knowledge – Puzzles – you ought to know – guess right. – who is who?. An on going task for the student during the semester.
  • Unit 2 : Emotional Intelligence: coping with emotions – interpersonal conflicts – emotional – rational balance.
  • Unit 3 : Leadership: assessing leadership qualities – experiential learning of leadership skills exercise in team work.
  • Unit 4 : developing lateral thinking – problem solving skills – purpose driven decisions.
  • Unit 5 : change: coping skills – critcal and adaptive mindsets – changes in career / life / people
  • Unit 6 : etiquette – Social etiquette – business etiquette – civic sense – social norms

Trained Facilitators of Dr.Devanesen Center for human resource Development

Communication skills
English : Department of English
French : Department of Languages  (The faculty for French)
German : Department of languages (The faculty for German)

Career Coping skill
Computer skill : Department of MCA
Public Relations: Department of communication and public administration
Quantitive Aptitude: Department of Mathematics and Statistics.


There is only Continuous Assessment. It may consist of Tests / Assignments / projects/ case study, class participation or any other Practical, Aggregate marks =100.

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