Methodology & Assessment

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The course is offered under Part IV a- Non Major electives, during the III and IV semesters of the UG Programme, for 3 credits. The classes are held during the IV and V Hours of Day Order I for the Day Stream students and during the I and II Hours of Day Order V for the SFS Stream of students.

The students of various Departments are regrouped into groups of 40 each comprising students of different disciplines for grater effectiveness.


Students are assessed only by the course teacher by way of Continuous Assessment for a maximum 40 as show below:

  • Semester III five units will have a test/group work at the each of the unit for 4 marks each (5x4-20 and Maximum marks for Attendance 5, total marks of CA = 25 in each semester.
  • There is no minimum attendance for the course examination in the end of the IV semester in April/May comprising of written tests and Practical Testing covering the whole program.
  • The maximum marks awarded will be 100.
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