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As Family Life Institute enters its 34th year of existence in Mappedu, it has grown from being just a clinic to an organization that caters to a plethora of family services. With its various service schemes, FLI has carved a niche for itself in the village of Mappedu. 
The various services provided by FLI presently are:
  • Health Clinic & Maternity Services 
  • English Medium Primary School 
  • Tailoring Unit 
  • Neighborhood Group 
  • Social Work Trainees Field Placement 
  • Volunteer Programs 
  • Service Learning Programs  

Health Clinic & Maternity Services

From the time of its inception, FLI has been running a health clinic. The medical team consists of a visiting doctor, resident nurse, and attendant. The clinic provides health and maternity services to the villagers of Mappedu at a subsidized rate. It also provides basic health care services.  


In the year 2008, the health clinic registered a total number of 3344 outpatients and in the month of January and February’09 taken together, there were a total number of 703 outpatients. 
The maternity clinic, for the year 2008, recorded 28 births and for the month of January and February’09 he total number of deliveries is 9. the quality health and maternity services, coupled with subsidized rates, makes FLI the most sought-after clinic in Mappedu.  

Primary School (English Medium)

With the vision of creating a bright future for the of Mappedu, the FLI English Medium Primary School imparts quality education. The school focuses on the holistic development of the child by giving  equal importance to both (academics) studies as well as extra-curricular activities. Presently, the school has classes from LKG to 3rd standard. The total strength of the school is 120 students, 6 teachers and Ayahs. 


Apart from the regular classes on weekdays, the school, on all alternate Saturdays runs and crafts classes for the students. 
Special tuition classes were started in the month of January to give individual attention to weak students and thus improve their academic performance. The students of FLI, performed a melodious carol song in the Christmas carol program in Madras Christian College.
Tailoring Unit
The tailoring unit in FLI offers six courses for the unemployed women of Mappedu. At present, the tailoring unit has 25 students and one qualified teacher. FLI also assist the passing out students in finding placements in various garment units as well as empowers them to start self employment ventures. 
  Neighbourhood Group
The neighborhood group run by FLI consists of 15 members who reside in various villages in and around Mappedu. The main objectives of neighborhood group are:
  • Women Empowerment 
  • Economic Empowerment 
The neighborhood group meets twice a month. The neighborhood group has recently started in skit business, as a part of its self-sustaining initiative. Till the month of April ’09, the neighborhood group has a total savings of 15,000. it has also started a joint bank account exclusively for the group.

Social Work Trainees Field Placement

FLI offers field work placements, for the students of Social work. They are involved in taking part in the various services provided by FLI as well as in conducing special programmes on special days. They also do home visits and assits in the day to day functioning, in the various programmes hosted by FLI, and also carries out the various methods of social work like case work, group work and community organization. 


The fieldwork students have assisted in opening the bank account for the neighborhood group and also networked with placements agencies to provide placements for tailoring unit students. 

Children's Resource Centre

A children resource centre was initiated during the summer in proper utilization of FLI resources. Books, videos and games were the main attraction for children. Parents left their children in the resource centre and enjoyed with the children. Due to the unavailability of space the resource centre is closed for the time being.


Door-Counseling Centre

Doors a community mental health project of the department in Sadras Village is shifted to MCCFLI, Mappedu. Counseling services are offered to school children, parents and also the out patients who come to clinic. At present one of the project staff of the Social work department has offered to help in Counseling.


Volunteer Programmes

FLI offers opportunities for volunteer and service learning programs for both national and international students. This year, FLI had three international universities doing volunteer and service learning programs. 


Chang Jung Christian University, Taiwan: A group of students and fauclty visited FLI. They involved themselves in interacting with the students, teaching them songs etc. they also donated books, stationary items etc for the school.

Bridge Water State College, USA: The bridge Water state university, spend an enriching time with the school students as well as with the Gypsy community in the village. They involved themselves in doing special programs for the children, interacting with the Gypsy community and financially supported them by buying beads etc. they also donated a lot of children’s books for the children’s library and also donated stationary items like pencils, coloring kits etc.

Maryville College, USA: The team from Maryville College was involved in a two day service learning program. In it they divided themselves in to groups and each group had one fieldworkd student. Each group did various tasks like painting the classroom, cataloguing the library books, renovating the infrastucure in the Health and Maternity Clinic, sorting out the Junks & Jewels materials and creating a website linking for FLI.

Looking Ahead

FLI has various programs and projects in anvil:


  • Children’s Resource Centre 
  • Counseling Care Centre 
  • Outdoor play area for students 
  • Construction of classrooms
  • Construction of Toilet facilities for children 
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