SFS – Online Registration for ID / GE / SS for Odd Semester (2022-2023)

Online Registration for Semester III & V – 2022-23 (Odd Semester)

Online registration for the following courses will commence on 16th July 2022 (SATURDAY) and close on 18th July 2022 (MONDAY).


The list of courses with their intake is enclosed.
Students are required to log into our college website www.mcc.edu.in home page.

LOGIN ID : Registration number of the Students (e.g) 2101711091001
Password : Date of birth of the student (e.g) 22062001

II UG Students of the following Departments will choose Interdisciplinary (ID)
through online to be offered in III Semester (June 2022- Nov. 2022).

  1. BCA (A) 
  2. BCA (B) 
  3. B.Sc. (Geography) 
  4. B.Sc. (Maths) 
  5. B.Sc. (Psychology) 
  6. B.Sc. (Microbiology)
  7. B.Sc. (Physical Education)
  8. B.Sc. (Physics)
  9. B.Sc. (Visual Communication)
  10. B.Sc. Hospitality and Tourism

For any clarification contact Students Records Office at : adsasfs@mcc.edu.in
II UG Students of the following Departments will take Environmental Studies (EVS) to be offered in III semester (June 2022 – Nov. 2022). EVS students need not do online registration.

  1. BBA (A) 
  2. BBA (B)
  3. B.Com (A) 
  4. B.Com (B) . 
  5. B.Com (C) 
  6. B.Com. (A&F)
  7. B.Com (P/A)
  8. B.A. English Lang & Lit
  9. B.A. Journalism
  10. B.S.W


II UG –Interdisciplinary (ID) (Science Students)

III Semester - II UG June – Nov. 2022
Dept. Course Name Strength
BBA Skill Development for Management  Studies 60
BCA Multimedia Systems 60
Commerce Human Resource Management 70
Commerce Principles of Management 70
English Film & Literature 60
Geography Fundamentals of Geography 60
Journalism Public Relations 60
Maths Maths for Competitive exam. 60
Mic. Bio. Introduction to Forensic Science 60
Phy. Edu. First Aid & Nutrition 70
Physics Bio Physics 45
BSW Marriage & Family life 70
Vis. Comm. Presentation Skills 60
Hospitality and Tourism Basics of Hotel Management 60
Psychology Psychology of Relationship 60

III UG General Elective

V Semester - III UG June – Nov. 2022
Department Course title & Staff Name Strength
BBA  Entrepreneurship and Small scale Industry  140
BCA Web Designing 60
B.Com.  Business Communication  140
B.Com Capital Market 70
English English Lang. Skills for employability 60
Geography Facets of Tourism  70
Journalism Aesthetics and film appreciation 70
Maths Space Science 60
Microbiology Energy Utility and Waste Recycling       60
Physical Edu. Yoga for healthy living  80
Physics Astro Physics 50
Social Work Substance abuse & Social work 80
Vis. Com. Creative Painting 60

Soft skill Programme Jun-Nov 2022

II PG - III Semester
S. No. Course Name Strength
1 Computer Skills    40
2 Public Relations   40
3 Quantitative Aptitude  40
A English                  40
B French 40
C German     40


As per the new guidelines of Choice Based Credit system, the University of Madras has made soft skill programme mandatory with 8 credits.  In MCC, this programme is offered in 2nd & 3rd semesters through Dr. Devanesan Center for Human Resource Development pooling the available    expertise in our    college.  The    soft skill    programme    comprises three areas :-

 (i) Personality Enrichment (4 credits),

 (ii) Communication &  Language skills (2 credits)

(iii) Career coping skills  (2 credits).

The course on Personality Enrichment is mandatory for all students and is offered for PG students in the 2nd semester.

The course on communication & lang. Skills and career coping skills are offered in the 3rd semester.

In Communication & language skills, a student needs to choose any one of the three options  (English, French and German)

In Career coping skills,  a student needs to choose any one of the three options (Computer skill, Public relations and Quantitative aptitude). 

Communication & Language skills  (to choose any one of the following)




Career coping skills  (to choose any  one of the following)

Computer Skills            – Department of Computer Application

Public Relations            – Department of Communication

Quantitative Aptitude   – Department of Mathematics