Procedures and policies for facilities

Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities

The College’s 320 acre campus with a vast infrastructure, installations and equipment is maintained by the Estate office. The Estate office has policies to carry out both preventive and post maintenance activities. Regular preventive maintenance is carried out through AMCs, and periodic checks of electrical, water installations, equipment, sewage and garbage disposal. Emergencies are attended to ensure the campus life is normal. Normally departments, units, halls, residential staff and students register their maintenance requirement with the Estate office who in turn, attend to all such requirements /grievances regularly. The Estate office functions through the Estate Manager who reports to the Bursar. The Estate Manager is assisted by • Electrical Supervisors • Civil supervisors • Electricians • Carpenters • Plumbers •  Clerical assistants • Sanitary workers • Campus workers, Sweepers and Gardeners • Maintenance of rest rooms and cleaning of classrooms and common areas is outsourced. The outsourced housekeeping is carried out by trained personnel. Science laboratories: Laboratories, classrooms and the library are functional from 8 am to 6.15 pm on all working days. There are adequate laboratory assistants for the Science Departments having labs of Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and computer laboratories who take care of the maintenance of labs and equipment placed in the labs. Air conditioners, computers and network facilities are maintained either by annual maintenance contract (AMC) or serviced by agencies/manufacturers as and when need arises. The stock in the labs is verified for the available equipment and damaged ones are discarded. Maintenance of Electrical and Electronic Equipment is checked regularly at the end of every semester. Breakage register is maintained in the laboratories. Library: The Librarian looks after the maintenance of the library books, journals, periodicals, furniture, electronic equipment, computers and software. He coordinates with the Estate Manager and System Administrator to ensure regular maintenance is done. Weeding of books is done on a regular basis in the general library. Pest Management measures are regularly carried out in the library and in other buildings. Since the Library operates RFID, Inventory Management is made easy through this technology and software. Sports Complex: State of the art sports Indore Stadium partly funded by UGC was built on campus. The stadium provides one full size basketball court, four shuttle badminton courts and one volleyball court. The stadium is well ventilated and paved with imported wooden floors. The stadium is ideal for conducting both National and International level competitions. Power generation and energy conservation: All buildings are connected through a 1000 kVA transformer and two 250 kVA generators to provide uninterrupted power supply. Two solar power plants with a total capacity of 600 kWp generate 90,000 units of electricity every month. All power/electrical installations are under AMC for proper maintenance. Water supply: There are nine Reverse Osmosis (RO) water dispensers supplying high quality drinking water. The RO Plants are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. There are two large overhead tanks and eight open wells and six bore wells in the campus providing water.