MCC Farm

About US

Started in 1964, the College Farm aims to utilize the available land productively in turn supporting research of students and faculty. The Department of Statistics, Botany and Zoology use the farm facilities as part of their academic field experiments. A large area of the farm is occupied by horticultural crops like mango, sapota, papaya, guava, banana, amla, etc., Short term vegetable crops such as bhendi, brinjal, bottlegourd, ashgourd, bittergourd, pumpkin, radish, ridgegourd, tomato, chillies and different types of greens (keerai) are cultivated from time to time. Organic farming has been employed in the facilitation of the growth of all the crops. It has been a practice to supply organically grown fruits and vegetables to students, parents, teaching staff, non teaching staff, administrative staff and workers at a reasonable cost. Piggery also continues to provide high quality pork to the college community and outside. Country chicken and ducks are reared in the farm as a part of integrated farming. Green projects like USAID-ASHA Solar Power Plant 500 kWp and modernized Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) with 3 lacs lit. capacity are located in the farm. Many students from different colleges and schools frequently visit our farm and its components to gain knowledge on organic farming, renewable energy and  recycling of bio-waste to safeguard  environment and nature.