Covid Task Force

About the Task Force

As a response to the escalating Covid-19 casualties and in resonance with Madras Christian College’s guiding principle of social relevance, we propose to set up on campus, a 15 bedded ISOLATION FACILITY for mild Covid patients, a 5 bedded facility for primary contacts and an ambulance service with / without oxygen. This service will be implemented by THE COLLEGE INFIRMARY in association with the College Union Society, Department of Social Work, NSS, SCM, Counseling Centre, Alumni Association, Chaplaincy and SWAWSA (Staff Wives and Women Staff Association) of the College.

The facility is preferably open to all MCC faculty and their families, Staff members of MCC Group of Institutions, MCC Alumni, MCC students and their parents and to the general public on authentic referrals depending on the vacancy. Kindly note that this is not a sophisticated full-fledged Covid treatment center. Only basic ambulance and isolation services are provided. If complications arise, patients will be referred for special treatment of their choice. MCC will not be responsible for any casualty.


Who would be benefitted by the Facility?

  • The patients who are clinically assigned to be mild/asymptomatic and recommended for accommodation by the campus doctor after assessment.
  • The asymptomatic cases (laboratory confirmed cases) not experiencing any severe symptoms and having oxygen saturation at room air of more than 95%.
  • Patients with upper respiratory tract symptoms (&/or fever less than 100-degree F) without shortness of breath and having oxygen saturation at ambient conditions of more than 95% and lung involvement of less than 5% by CT.

Features of the facility

  • 24/7 on-call support for doctor’s appointment.
  • Availability of free isolation facility, counselling, prayer support, food, nursing and referral services. (Expenses for clinical investigation and treatment not included)
  • Availability of ambulance services up to a radius of 15 kms from MCC.
  • 24/7 exclusive online medical consultation.
  • It would be the responsibility of the patient / care takers to find hospitals in case of emergency. However, MCC Covid Task Force may assist in this process.

Eligibility for Basic Facility

  • According to the government regulations, admission would be strictly governed based on the recommendation for home isolation from the Government Triage Centre or recognized private hospitals.
  • Conditional ambulance services will be provided for transporting patients to Covid 19 Triage Centre.
  • The patient should be clinically assigned as mild (CRP level less than 10, assessed within the past 24 hours) / asymptomatic.
  • Elderly patients aged above 60 years and those with co-morbid conditions such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart disease, Chronic lung / liver / kidney disease, Cerebro-vascular disease etc. shall not be accommodated at the facility as they may require hospitalization.
  • Patients suffering from immune compromised status (HIV, Transplant recipients, Cancer therapy etc.) will not be isolated at the facility.

Task Torce Team

Isolation Facility: 
Prof. Prince Annadurai (9444127504)

Ambulance Service:
Prof. Joshua Jeyaseelan (9444459953)

Food Service:
Mrs. Jasmine Wilson (9841726693)

Prayer Support:
Rev. Ross 9840994088) & Prof. Huldah Samuel (9941644110)

Mrs. Jemima W. (9498053459)

Contributions (Cash or in Kind):
Prof. Sheba Davidson (9962318301) & Prof. Arun (9500182437)

For any enquiry / information

contact: Dr. D. Prince Annadurai, 9444127504 or 9342243132 (WhatsApp/SMS preferred).
Email ID: