Campus 2 Corporate

What you will learn in this course

There are many words that we use every day that are pronounced incorrectly. You will learn how to pronounce not just these words but any word correctly and confidently.

Learn how to polish your accent and develop a neutral accent that does not have any regional influences. Learn techniques on how to sound like a native speaker

Corporate jargon
You will encounter many expressions in an Office environment. You will learn 30 Business English words that will help you blend seamlessly into a Corporate setting.

Interview skills
Deconstructing the job Interview – The usual questions asked in any Interview, the reason they are asked, the kind of responses that are expected from you etc. Also learn the little extras that matter – Articulation, Body language and Grooming

How much time you will spend on this course

The course runs for 16 days @ 1 hour everyday (except on Sundays)

How much will this course cost you

This course comes at an Introductory offer of just Rs. 3000
So hurry up and avail the discount, while it`s available!