St. Thomas's Hall

St.Thomas's hall was built in the year 1937, named after St.Thomas, the harbringer of Christianity into India. Initially, St. Thomas's hall did not follow any constitution as such. In the early years, the hall was run under the leadership of the Warden and the General Secretary. The first warden of St. Thomas's Hall was J.R Macphail and the first General Secretary was A. Mohammed Nabi.

Indian Constitution System

The Hall adopted the Indian system of constitution in the year 1950-51. Under the Indian Constitution system, the hall was to function with the Speaker and Prime Minister as the two most important posts in the hall. While the Speaker was to function as a elderstatesman responsible for the moral conduct of the Hall and the orderly conduct of the General Body meetings. The Prime Minister was in charge of the Cabinet and the functioning of the hall in matters of finance and public affairs. The First Speaker of the Hall was K.S.S Sharma and the First Prime Minister was S.Suryanarayan. The hall constitution was drafted by K.S.S Sharma, R.Ravi Varma and Ponampalam.

Motto & Emblem


Hall Motto

 " For God and Country"

Hall Emblem


  • On top is lamp signifying enlightenment divided by a cross which signifies the Christian foundation of the college.
  • Top Left: Crucified palm of Jesus
  • Top Right: Elephant reaching out to a tree signifying striving for higher ambition
  • Bottom Left: Maize signifying India's dependence on agriculture
  • Bottom Right: Dove signifying Peace

Hall Song


Come all you gay young fellows, who come from far and near,
Come all you gay young fellows, who like to sing and cheer,
Come all you gay young fellows, and join us one and all,
We're the jolliest fellows in Tambaram, the boys of Thomas's Hall!

O, we are all St. Thomas's Hall, St. Thomas's Hall are we,
We are all St. Thomas's Hall, St. Thomas's Hall are we,
Come all you gay young fellows, and join us one and all,
We're the jolliest fellows in Tambaram, the boys of Thomas's Hall!

We come from Coromandel, from Coorg and Coimbatore,
From Trichy and Trivandrum, Bellary and Tanjore,
We're Hindu, Christian Musalmaan, of every sort to see,
But when there's a difficult job to do St. Thomas's Hall are we!

And here's to former students, wherever they maybe ,
In huts on the Himalayas, in Chatramas by the sea;
We send our Namaskarams and cheer them all today,
And we know that where they're wanted, they'll surely lead the way!

Selaiyur my friend is a non-entity,
Heber is a fish pond, a sad calamity;
Then there are the females- The Dodo's of Martin Hall
But we are the best its natural, we've always had the edge!



Hall Activities

  • Inter Block Freshers culturals
  • Inter Block culturals
  • Inter Block Basketball tournament
  • Inter Block Table tennis tournament
  • Inter Block Badminton Tournament
  • Inter Block Volleyball Tournament
  • Inter Hall Basketball Tournament
  • Inter Hall Volleyball Tournament
  • Exhibition Match (Football)- Martin Hall vs. Outgoing Batch
  • Exhibition Match (Basketball)- Martin Hall vs. Outgoing Batch
  • Freshers Arm wrestling Competition
  • Freshers Weight Lifting Competition


  • Cabinet Train
  • Bullock Cart procession on the day of Inter Hall Sports
  • Mess Rules like no crossing of feet permitted, no caps allowed, mobile phones cannot be used in the mess




 Jatra is the Theatre Society of St. Thomas's Hall . It was started in 1980 and the first play to be performed was Utpal Dutt's ‘Hunting the sun'. The last play performed was ‘The Siren Call of C A Rangasamy' in 2005 under the directorship of Anil Ramaprasad and Satyajit Ranjeev.


St. Thomas's Old Boys Association is the society to maintain the records of  the alumni of St. Thomas's Hall. The convenor is supposed to help out with the details of the address book that is published every year also.


St. Thomas's Hall Literacy Programme is traditionally organizes debates and help out with the distribution of the money collected as donations during Republic Day and Independence Day (where the residents forfeit one meal).

Tennis Club

St. Thomas's Hall is the only hall to maintain a tennis club as such and allow residents to play who have membership in the club. Money is collected through the residents equally and  the money required has to be passed in the General Body Meeting.

Bharati Mandram

Bharati Mandram is the tamil society of St. Thomas's Hall. It's the oldest private body of St. Thomas's. It organizes debates, lectures, seminars mainly to promote tamil culture in the college.


Utsav is the annual festival of St.Thomas's Hall. It is an inter collegiate dance competition followed by a rock show. Started in 1984, it attracts the top colleges from the city for the dance competition and get livewire bands to play for the rock showdown.


The Hall Magazine is called USHA, named after Prof. Gandekar's daughter. It is our hall's annual magazine and it was started in 1956 and 2006 marks the 50th anniversary of our Hall Magazine.





The Hall has the cabinet ministers to take care of the various activities in the Hall. In addition to this, a block captain is appointed for each block who are responsible for the health and general welfare of the residents of their respective block.

Also a prayer Secretary is appointed to take charge of the daily prayers in the hall. Also a Gardening Convenor is appointed to oversee the  gardening sessions of the residents. Thus an effective system of decentralization is followed in the hall. The Hall Parliament is a unicameral legislature and the general body sessions happen at least thrice a semester.



  • Flag Post - 16.3 ft
  • Hall Pond- 3.5 ft
  • Rock Garden( built in 1990)
  • Rods for hanging pots
  • Sausage seats
  • Stone Bench
  • Table Tennis tables
  • Baketball grounds
  • Hall Gym
  • Library
  • Lounge for reading newspaper, etc..
  • Photo Gallery



  • The block captains were earlier known as ‘Health Secretaries' and ‘Radio In Charge.
  • The longest serving warden of St. Thomas's Hall is M.A Thangaraj(17 years).
  • The place were the library is at present situated was earlier known as ‘Sleeping Porches'.
  • There are 8 paintings and 6 pictures in the Hall mess.
  • Earlier elections were done by the Electoral Tribune consisting of the Warden, the Returning Officer and the Speaker.
  • The present ‘E' block was earlier a campus school and was known as St. Thomas's Annexe.

Hall Cabinet



Hall Cabinet - 2018-19

President: Dr. S.D.Christopher Chandran
Speaker: Zepinth H Williams
Prime Minister , Welfare Minister i/c & Information Minister i/c : M.Stanley Joshua
Entertainment Minister: Solomon Rajkumar
Vegeterian Mess Minister: K.Kavi Kamban
Non-vegeterian Mess Minister: Nithish G
Indoor Games Minister: M.Anbarasan
Outdoor Games Minister: Thevanesan Josuvan


Previous Hall Cabinets


Hall Cabinet 2012-13
  • President:  Dr. C. Joseph Barnabas
  • Speaker:  Kishore A
  • Prime Minister:  Selvarajah Lavakeshon
  • Welfare Minister: Suresh S
  • Information Minister:  Rupesh Daniel P
  • Entertainment Minister:  Arun Kumar S
  • Vegeterian Mess Minister:  Samson Raj S
  • Non-vegeterian Mess Minister:  Arunachalam M
  • Indoor Games Minister:  Ozungtoshi L
  • Outdoor Games Minister:  Vishakan N







From Left to Right: Non-Vegetarian Mess Minister - Mr. Nijo A. Varghese, Vegetarian Mess Minister - Mr. Mr. B. Alwyn Barnaba, Entertainment Minister - Mr. M. J. Soundar Raj, Welfare Minister & Deputy Prime Minister - Mr. S. Paul Sugirthan, Speaker - Mr. Philip Thomas, President - Dr. C. Joseph Barnabas, Prime Minister - Mr. Jithin J. Punamadam, Information Minister - Mr. Arun Gopinath, Indoor Games Minister - Mr. Angman Monarch, Outdoor Games Minister - Mr. Renbenthung Ezung

Hall Cabinet 2011-12
  • Prime Minister (Finance and public affairs) : Mr. Jithin J. Punamadam
  • Speaker :  Mr. Philip Thomas
  • Welfare Minister & Deputy Prime Minister (Hall maintenance and Health) : Mr. S. Paul Sugirthan
  • Information Minister (Library, literary and debating activities) : Mr. Arun Gopinath
  • Entertainment Minister : Mr. M. J. Soundar Raj
  • Vegetarian Mess Minister : Mr. Mr. B. Alwyn Barnaba
  • Non-Vegetarian Mess Minister : Mr. Nijo A. Varghese
  • Indoor Games Minister : Mr. Angman Monarch
  • Outdoor Games Minister : Mr. Renbenthung Ezung

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