On 22nd July 2009, Margaret Hall, the youngest of the then five semi-autonomous units in Madras Christian College called ‘halls’, opened its doors for the first batch of  young women residents. And there began the journey of the second hall on campus for women students.

This fifth hall was the fulfilment of a much felt need to increase facilities on campus for the women students. The former Principal, Dr V. J. Philip and the Bursar, Mr Soundarrajan along with a few academicians approached the UGC for a grant to see this magnificent structure take shape. When the project was sanctioned the college contributed an equal amount towards it, and took the necessary steps to its fruition. The then newly-inducted Principal, Dr R.W. Alexander Jesudasan hastened the completion of the hall, which was inaugurated on 22nd July 2009. The entire governing body led by the Chairman Dr Besant C. Raj, a few former Principals, and a large number of faculty members and students graced the occasion with their presence.

Challenges were huge while shaping the barren building into a beautiful abode, to meet the needs of the residents and to build the hall into what it stands for today- Humility, Nobility, Perfection, Excellence, and Womanhood.

Margaret Hall, today, is no longer the new kid on the block. She has grown into a strong family with traditions and achievements of her own; uniquely different from the four other halls on campus.




Margaret Locher Anderson was the wife of our founder, Rev. John Anderson, who laboured for the institution from 1845-1887. She was instrumental in starting the first on-campus women’s hostel at her own home.  Hence it was a natural choice for the Hall to be named after her. The residents are proudly called the ‘Margaritas’.




The pride of every Hall rings out clear in its Hall Anthem.  Not only does the Hall song embody the essence of the Hall, it is also the hall’s signature; unique and respected. Thus it goes without saying that great efforts are taken in the creation of this signature. Margaret Hall couldn’t have asked for more originality than having her song written by Prof. J C Dheenakumar, the husband of her first warden. Different from all the other hall songs in a unique manner, this anthem embodies everything that is truly a ‘Margarita’.


“Margaret hall of MCC,

The finest place you ever shall see,

Hurrah! Hurrah! For Margaret hall,

The home away from home for all.


Margaritas are we, the prettiest girls of MCC,

The men hush, the neighbours blush,

Looking at Margaritas.



Margaret means pearl, you see it in every girl,

Fragrance is our theme, we keep it as our dream.

We have a lot of fun, every difference we will shun.

Among the halls Margaret stands, Margaret stands so tall.



Heber fish-pond dwellers, friendly be,

The ‘sirs’ of Selaiyur, we’re yours cordially,

Jolly fellows of Thomas’s with you we make no fuss,

Healthy competition to Martinians from us.



Telugus and Tamils, Mallus and Tulus,

North Indians and East, Tibetans (and) Bhutanese,

Make a mini Asia in the Margaret hall,

Oh! We are so free from every kind of gall.




Margret Hall


The Hall Emblem depicts a cross in the shape of an anchor which stands for strong faith and foundation. A lady holding a pearl stands on the cross representing every margarita, as Margaret means ‘pearl’.  At the top left, there soars an eagle which highlights the Hall Motto “Auf Fluegeln Wie Adler”, which in German means “On Wings Like Eagles”. The flowers at the lower left hand side symbolize the Hall theme, fragrance.




The first two cabinets of Margaret Hall were nominated by the Warden, who is the President of the Hall. Beginning from the third cabinet, the residents elected the secretaries, unanimously or by election.


Vice president: Ms. Raisa Elsa Joseph

General Secretary: Ms.  Kung San

Literary and Debating Secretary: Ms. Ninni Susan Thomas

Cultural Secretary:  Ms. Anju Susan Philip

Vegetarian mess Secretary:  Ms.Bharathi

Non-vegetarian mess Secretary: Ms. Galmet Lepcha

Sports Secretary: Ms. Manjitha Dhital

Welfare Secretary: Ms. Abhirami S (First resident)

Prayer Secretary: Ms. N Leela Sharon


Vice president: Ms. Juby Elsa Jacob

General Secretary: Ms. Tinrenni Mualehin

Literary and Debating Secretary: Ms. Nikhila S Ajeer

Cultural Secretary: Ms. Pranisha Raj

Vegetarian mess Secretary: Ms. Gayathri

Non-vegetarian mess Secretary: Ms. Shyamala Mohan

Sports Secretary: Ms. Angeline V Paul

Welfare Secretary: Ms. Shwaii Lalruvanwangi

Prayer Secretary: Ms. Joann Cherian


Vice president: Ms. Rekha Mohandas

General Secretary: Ms. Charutha Lal

Literary and debating Secretary: Ms. Nikhila S Ajeer

Cultural Secretary: Ms. Anju Susan Philip

Vegetarian mess Secretary: Ms. Dharini S

Non-vegetarian mess Secretary:  Ms. Divya Tangavel

Sports Secretary: Ms. Shyamala Mohan

Welfare Secretary: Ms. Aditi Natarajan

Prayer Secretary: Ms. Bersiya Grace


Vice president: Ms. S Madhumati

General Secretary: Ms. Preethy Sarah Varghese

Literary and Debating Secretary: Ms. Onupurba Das

Cultural Secretary: Ms. S Kannimozhi

Vegetarian mess Secretary: Ms. Bala Tandoni

Non-vegetarian mess Secretary: Ms. J Divya Magdalin

Sports Secretary: Ms. P Priyadarshini

Welfare Secretary: Ms. S Shivaranjini

Prayer Secretary: Ms. Pearline Paul


Vice president: Ms. Anju Susan Philip

General Secretary: Ms. Joanne Rachel Joe

Literary and Debating Secretary: Ms. Irene Joy

Cultural Secretary: Ms. Sheril Anne Mathew

Vegetarian mess Secretary: Ms. K Archana

Non-vegetarian mess Secretary: Ms. S Cintha

Sports Secretary: Ms. Akshaya Subramaniam

Welfare Secretary: Ms. R Rajeshwari  

Prayer Secretary: Ms. Lilu Susan George


The Hall welcomed the arrival of our new Warden, the President, Dr C. Joyce Priyakumari and a new post titled the ‘Public Relations Secretary’.

Vice-president: Ms. Christina Susan Abraham

General Secretary: Ms. Magdelene A. Brown

Literary and Debating Secretary: Ms. Debashree Mishra

Cultural Secretary: Ms. Athini Gomez

Vegetarian Mess Secretary: Ms. J Jacksmitha

Non-vegetarian Mess Secretary: Ms. Nandhini Narasimhan

Sports Secretary: Ms. R Rajeswari

Welfare Secretary: Ms. Manini Jayal

Public Relations Secretary: Ms. Nissy Sara George

Prayer Secretary: Ms. Pearline Paul


Vice President: Ms. S Shivaranjini

General Secretary: Ms. Janice Sandra David

Literary and Debating Secretary: Ms. Megha Rao

Cultural Secretary: Ms. Aparna John

Sports Secretary: Ms. Reenu Jose

Welfare Secretary: Ms. Anjali Anna Abraham

Vegetarian Mess Secretary: Navya

Non-vegetarian Mess Sceretary: Ms. Jennifer Ruth Matlin

Public Relations Secretary: Ms. Tehillah B Jacob

Prayer Secretary: Ms. Sneha Grace


Vice President: Ms. Manini Jayal

General Secretary: Ms. Roshni

Literary and Debating Secretary: Ms. Ranjini Ragotham

Cultural Secretary: Ms. Varsha

Sports Secretary: Ms. Grace Nissi Johnson

Welfare Secretary: Ms. Dhanya Thomas

Vegetarian Mess Secretary: Ms. Chrisma Pearl

Non Vegetarian Mess Secretary: Ms. Ida Gitanjali

Public Relations Secretary: Ms. Anne Maria

Prayer Secretary: Ms. Aksa Kurien



Margaret Hall has four blocks, each named after fragrant flowers- Freesia, Magnolia, Peonia, and Azalia. There are a total of 56 rooms which can accommodate around 150 residents.

One of the greatest assets of the Hall is the Multi-purpose Conference Hall, which was originally constructed as an exclusive prayer room for the residents and for their gathering. The room now serves the entire college community as a classroom for overseas students, a viva-voce exam centre, an alternative chapel and a venue for various celebrations.

The Hall Magazine, Saisei (Japanese for ‘A New Beginning’), was introduced during the third year of the Hall by the then Literary and Debating Secretary, Ms Nikhila Sudharma Ajeer.

The Hall Library was inaugurated by Pastor Charles during the third year of the Hall. It is a customary tradition for all first years of the hall to donate a book to the library.

The Garden at the centre of the Hall is host to a variety of flowering plants, trees and bamboo. It is also visited by several rare species of birds through the seasons.




Throughout the year, various Inter-block cultural, literary, sports and culinary competitions are held for the residents. Our Inter-block Cultural competition features an impressive cornucopia of dancing, singing and acting skills in an artistic battle of the blocks. The inter-year fashion show, ‘Manogna’, never fails to surprise everyone who’s watching. This is one time and place where everyone has fun unlimited; age no bar.

The inter-block Literary and Debating competitions include various activities like debating, dumb charades, 90 seconds, ‘what’s the good word?’ and creative writing; even some Terribly Tiny Tales.

The inter-block sports competition, ‘Josh’ is held on two days, which includes a march past competition and indoor games.

The Mess competitions include several fun filled dishes like ‘Cooking without Fire’ and Idli Eating competition.

For the first time ever, in 2015, a joint effort of the Literary and Debating secretary and the Cultural secretary, gave rise of a fun filled night of Art Exhibits, karaoke and dancing.

The Christmas Programme held at the end of every year is an occasion for spreading the true message of love and compassion of the Jesus Christ. The first Christmas of Margaret Hall was called ‘The First Noel’ and was followed by

Glad Tidings’, ‘The King is Born’, ‘The Sign’ and ‘The Star in the Manger’. This year’s Christmas was a special one. With the initiative of the 2014-2015 cabinet, the Margaritas spent a day with forty-four children from the Krupa Foundation who arrived at the Hall after the morning service. It was a blessing for all who attended the fellowship. Accordingly, the ladies decided to assign the theme- ‘All about Agape’, to their carol night that followed a few days later.



The Hall event, DIONYSIA is an inter-collegiate and inter-hall Theatre Competition. This festival was an initiative of the third year cabinet, namely, Ms Charutha Lal, Ms Nikhila S Ajeer and Ms Anju Susan Philip.

Named aptly after the Greek celebration of the harvest in honour of Dionysius- the God of wine and fertility; DIONYSIA is an all-girls’ venture at reviving the art of theatre on campus after a long and heavy silence of several years. We provide the platform for colleges, halls and theatre groups in around Chennai to showcase their talent and compete to make their mark on the theatre arena.

Dionysia has seen eminent theatre personalities such as Dr P Rajani, Dr John Mathew, Mr Freddy Koikaran, Mr Vinod Anand, Mr Dushyant Gunashekar, Mr V Balakrishna, Mr Amudhan Ramalingam, Mr. Mathivanan, and Mrs. Samyuktha P.C. Apart from the halls, colleges like IIT Madras, Stella Maris, Ethiraj, WCC, and SRM have participated for the event. Groups like Matrics, Creashakthi, ASAP, Stagefright, Masquerade, and Chennai Comedy have graced the occasion with their special performances.

The most important part of Dionysia is its collaboration with Paperman started by Mr Mathew Jose. The aim is to raise funds through recycling paper. These proceeds go to an NGO, Nanhi Kali, which empowers girls across the country.

We’re GIRLS! There’s no such thing as TOO MUCH DRAMA.



Margaret Hall’s Alumni Association was inaugurated on 22nd February, 2014 during the fifth Hall Day, ‘Altivolum’.


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