It's been fifty long years. And here we are today, celebrating sisterhood, joy and happiness as we still stand united as one big happy family. When 14 smart young women marched into Madras Christian College in 1939, little did they know that they would be paving the way for a great legacy. A legacy we know as Martin Hall today.

In 1940, with Mrs. Janet Kibble as the Warden and Ms. Elizabeth P. Mammen as the first resident staff, women students of the college put up in a rented house in Professor's Colony. Mrs. Macnicol was the Honourary Warden for the year 1943-44. In 1949, a house was taken in Pallavaram lodging seven students. In 1950, we grew to twenty boisterous girls, and we settled down at Guindy, with Mrs. Mary Thomas following in the footsteps of Mrs. Janet Kibble as the Warden of the Women's Hostel. Mrs. David soon took over charge from 1951-55, with Mrs. Rani Siromoney as our resident staff.IMG 20171128 093047

The turning point came in the year 1968, bringing along winds of change with it. The Women's Hostel was shifted to the campus in Tambaram, during the construction of which St.Thomas's Hall graciously agreed to accommodate us in the E-Block.

On 25th September,1968, the Women's Hostel was founded with Mrs. H.S. Charles as the Warden. Ms. Dora David and Mrs. B. Sargurudoss served as wardens from 1971-1982 and 1982-1984 respectively. Mrs. Agnes Martin, wife of Rev. Gavin Martin, who was a Scottish Missionary, donated 1000 pounds to the Women's Hostel in 1990. As a tribute to her philanthropic generosity, the Women's Hostel was renamed as Martin Hall under the wardenship of Ms. A. K. Chelliah, under the aegis of the then Principal, Dr. Francis Sounderaj. Ms. Mercy David requires special mention for introducing our hall event, Galarompics , an annual inter-hall fun games competition. During the tenures of Ms. Mercy David, Mrs. Ida Singh and Dr. Vasanthi Vijayakumar the hall was extended with new infrastructure and more facilities, including the library, indoor games recreation centre, prayer room and the Galarompics 3Agnes Martin Auditorium. The present warden of Martin Hall, Dr. D. Merlin Juliet, initiated the roofing works of New Block.

Martin Hall today stands as a true testimony to the essence of womanhood and holds high3 Cutting the ribbon of New Block by Mrs. Adella Paul its motto of Liberty with Humanity. This 50th year has been turning out to be a blessed year for our hall as shield after shield graces the Queen of the Woods. The Culturals Shield for the College Auditions, the L&D Shield and the Overall Rolling Shield for Moonshadow , the Overall Rolling Shield for Aurora, name it and we have it all here. Martin has forever lived up to its expectations, and we hope we will keep leaving our handprints on the sands of time as we move forward.



General Secretary


Deputy General Secretary


Literary & Debating Secretary


Entertainment Secretary


Sports Secretary


Welfare Secretary 


Vegetarian Mess Secretary


Non-Vegetarian Mess Secretary


Hall Song


Once in Tambaram came pouring in from every side
Girls from all over the land and sea,
What shall we do, said the committee to the principal
We'll, build a new Women's Hostel said he.


Here's to the hostel, cheers to the Hostel
Better by far than any other Hall
Thomas, Heber, Selaiyur and Margaret in comparison
Our Martin Hall is the best hall of all.

Hostel was built up in the year of 1968
Residents moved in as fast as they could
And all around success it was, from the very start
In everything it was nothing but good.

Here's to the hostel, good luck to it for evermore
May all who come keep alive its fame.
Tackle life in Tambaram with courage, love and loyalty
And we'll endeavor to keep it just the same.




Prayer in Martin Hall is a time for togetherness. Residents and staff join for prayer fellowship every evening from 8 -8.30 at the Prayer Hall. This fellowship strengthens the spritualo life of the residents

Fresher’s Evening

A welcome party is given to all the fresher’s. They exhibit their inherent talents at the special programme organized for them. The Freshie Queen is crowned by the first lady of the campus. The programme is followed with a grand dinner.


It is an inter-hall sports meet hosted by Martin Hall. This meet started in the academic year 1996-1997.  Adds valor and sporting sprit to the men in campus as they vie for the championship and for the charm.

Avvai Mantram

To promote Tamil Literary activities in Martin Hall Avvai Mantram was started in September 2006 in the name of Avvai a Tamil poetress. The mantram organizes inter block/Hall activities like debate, oratory and competitions. 

Literary activities

Inter block, inter year, cultural and literary activities are conducted periodically. These enable the residents to exhibit and enhance their talentChristmas Program
The Christmas season is eagerly awaited with colorful decoration. Meaningful programs organized to celebrate the birth of our saviour Jesus fill the chill December air with warmth and joy.

Ethnic night

To exhibit India’s rich culture and diversified languages and dances. The residents organize a programme when a student group from overseas visits the college. This helps the groups to have a good knowledge about different states and their specialties.

Sports Day

Martin Hall has housed many outstanding sports women. The ability and stamina to compete fiercely is matched magnificently with their grace to accept failure as a stepping stone and move ahead sportively.


Vatica introduced in the year 1997-1998 marked the commemoration of 30 years of women’s residency in the campus. Hosted every alternate year to recognize the best maintained garden among the halls in the campus Vatica has added importance to the nature loving campus landscape.

Hall Day

The Pride for every Martinian. Ladies dressed in colorful attire dish out their best dance and drama on stage. The pageantry is followed by dinner. An alumnus resident is invited as the guest of honour. The men from the other hall could visit their friend’s room between 3.30 – 5.30 pm and the ladies make a special effort to make the room colourful.




Mrs. Mary Thomas became the warden. Her family occupied the ground floor. Students were housed in the first floor and in a house opposite to the warden's bungalow. Ms. Rani Baliah (Siromony), Department of Mathematics, joined as a resident staff.



The Women’s Hostel was built and accommodated 40 postgraduate students when Dr. Chandran Devanesen was the principal. The students were initially accommodated in E-Block of St Thomas Hall till the opening on 25th September 1968. Ms. H.S Charles was the warden.



The Women’s Hall was christened as Martin Hall under the principalship of Dr. Francis Sounderaraj. Ms. A.K. Chelliah was the warden.



Foundation laid for extension through an UGC Grant under the principalship of Dr. Gladstone and wardenship of Ms. Mercy David.



In November Mrs. Savithri Denanesen dedicated the extended hall under the principalship of Dr. Alexander Mantramurti and wardenship of Mrs. Ida Singh to accommodate 45 more students and the hall strength became 107 students apart from 1 resident staff.



The ground breaking ceremony was held for the extension in the front side with an auditorium, additional block and other facilities to accommodate 60 more students and to add more facilities under the principalship of Dr. Alexander Mantramurti and the wardenship of Mrs Ida Singh.



In July another extension the Jubilee Block with the new Hall office, Agnes Martin Auditorium, Library, Guest Rooms and Kitchen under the principalship of Dr. V. J. Philip and wardenship of Mrs. Ida Singh and the strength was increased to 167 residents and 4 staff on residence.



Indoor games recreation centre was dedicated by Dr. V.J. Philip.



One more block was added with an extended kitchen and the dedication was held in October under the principalship of Dr. V. J. Philip and wardenship of Mrs. Ida Singh. The capacity increased to 211 students and 5 resident staff.

Alumni- Auris Vesta


Auris Vesta

We kicked off our very special year on an auspicious note, with the Thanksgiving Service and Inaugural Function. Held on the 24th of September, 2017, it was a commemoration of a day 50 years back, when our home sweet home was officially established in the campus on the 25th of September, 1968. Ms. Shanti Manuel,  resident of the then Women's Hostel in Guindy and present member of the Governing Body of Madras Christian College, graced the occasion with her presence as the Chief Guest. The Principal, Dr. R. W. Alexander Jesudasan, and the Bursar, Mr. C. Sundaraj, were our dignitaries for the day. Mrs. Ann Stevens, former Martinian and presently serving as the Associate Professor in the Department of Zoology,Madras Christian College, sermonised on the Attitude of Gratitude and enlightened us all. Ms. Shanti Manuel was bubbling with joy as she enlivened the atmosphere with her memories of the good old days, as she lured her juniors to join in with the Hostel Song. A sneak peek was given into our year through a vibrant documentary, vividly showcasing the hall in its holistic whole. The hall's mesmerising Voice of Faith and elegant dancers added colour to the function as the event drew to a close. Laughter and excited chit chats of old and new alike resounded in the hall as everyone was eager to catch up on the lost years. The event came to a blessed close with wide smiles and indelible memories.

Our next venture was Sow a Life, a nature drive intended at restoring the life back to the famous woods of MCC. As a forerunner to the event, we put up a street play titled 'Decide for Yourself', giving ample food for thought to the viewers. October 11th, 2017, the day dawned bright as we were all set to plant lives into the earth. The event was presided over by the presence of our dynamic Chief Guest, Dr. Beulah Shekhar, former Martinian and presently serving as the Head of the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at MSU, Tirunelveli. Her diversified experience in her field of specialisation, all the way from the United Nations Conference in Geneva to countries across the globe, her august presence at the event was an enriching moment for all of us. The age old adage, 'Each one, teach one, plant one's was brought to life as we planted saplings in and around the campus. Bringing life to our words, these saplings will continue to be tended to
and looked after for as long as Martin Hall lives. As we believe, 'Plant a Tree, Create a Legacy'.

Next in line is our Christmas special, 'For a Smile', a charity drive under the aegis of an NGO in the city. We would love to spread some festive cheer along the streets of Chennai, and of course, the more, the merrier. It's not just the basic necessities of food, shelter and clothing which they yearn for, it's a little time and love which will keep them warm and their tummies full for days together. 'Tis the Season to be the Reason.

We're planning to host a full-fledged carnival and food fest, in collaboration with a DJ/Band performance, the first of its kind to be put up by a women's hall. Mardi Gras and The Vibe will be held on January 10, 2018, in the premises of the hall. Hopefully, the beats and the scrumptious food, coupled with books and crafty trinkets to take home with you, will be enough incentive for a crowd-puller! 

The Alumnae Reunion can be termed our 'main attraction' of the year. Why not, when all these lovely young ladies fly down to come together as One Big Happy Family? 'Retour au Paradis', quite aptly, a return to paradise, a homecoming, is sure to be nothing short of pure merriment and revelry. Scheduled for the 9th and 10th of February, 2018, we have planned a complete two-day programme for our dear alumnae. From walking around your classrooms to meeting them boys, these two days will make your year the most memorable time of your life. We hope we'll see all our guests around the campfire, reliving memories and sharing joys. The Good in Goodbyes.

Past a year brimming with memories and uncountable stories, it is but the most befitting way to end the Golden Jubilee with a photo gallery telling Martin Hall's wonderful journey from 1968 to 2018. Blast from the Past will remain a beautiful day on which Kodak moments will have captured the essence of what Martin has always stood for. The legacy will continue to be carried forward with a time capsule and a baton, handed down from generation to generation, treasuring away
our memories and emanating joy. Be there in August for A Journey through the Untold.

Auris Vesta literally means Golden Flame. The word Auris is derived from the Latin expression 'aurum' meaning golden. Vesta is the Roman Goddess of the Hearth, Home and Family, signifying the kindling of the fire which lives on in each and every Martinian, holding us together as one big happy family. As the torch passes on from one generation to the other, with the proud realisation that the flame never stops burning in Martin Hall.


Programme Schedule

Day 1 (09/02/2018)

Registration will begin by 8.30 A.M

Prayer - 9 A. M

Campus Walk – 10:00 A.M to 12:00 P.M

Lunch – 12:30 P.M to 2:00 P.M

Photo session – 2:30 P.M to 3:45 P.M

Refreshments – 3:45 P.M to 4:30 P.M

Freshening up – 4:30 P.M to 5:00 P.M

Formal Function – 5:15 P.M to 7:15 P.M

Cultural Programme and Dinner – 7:30 P.M to 9 P.M

Camp fire – 9:00 P.M onwards

Day 2 (10/02/2018)

Breakfast – 8 A.M to 9:30 A.M

Fun Games and Interactive Session- 10:00 A.M to 12:00 A.M

Lunch – 12:30 P.M to 1:30 P.M

Crowning of “Queen of Woods” – 2:00 P. M to 4:00 P.M

Vote of Thanks and Closing Prayer

Refreshments – 4:30 P.M




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