Not with eyeservice, as men-pleasers, but as bond-servants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart (Ephesians 6:6)

In 1660s architect, Sir Christopher Wren, was commissioned to design St.Paul’s Cathedral in London.  It is reported that one day during his supervision he asked one of them what they were doing.  One said, ‘I am cutting a piece of stone’, another said, ‘I am earning 5shillings 2pence a day’ and third, declared with pride, ‘I am helping Christopher Wren build a magnificent cathedral to the glory of God’.  Wren was pleased with that response.  No doubt the ether two were working equally hard with as much honesty.  However, the motivation and attitude of the third is infinitely nobler than those of the other two.  What we do is important.  We can never be sloppy in whatever we are called to do.  But why we do and what we do is more important.  Paul is right when he exhorts us, not to do our work just to please our masters but to do it with utmost involvement because God is our Master and He has assigned the work.  Shall not our offering to God only be the best?  It is God who provides the vision and design of our work.  Are we not recipients of the fruits of the labor of our founders who obeyed the architect of MCC, even Jesus Christ?  His vision has seen generations of alumni through 175 years enriching life on this Planet. Shall we say then, with that worker at St.Paul’s, “We are together working to build a magnificent humanity, the temple of God?”

Dr. J C Prasana
Convener, Value Education

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