Chaplain's Message

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Education is not for livelihood along but for life.  The primary purpose of education is to prepare young men and women with values to live a complete life.  Education moulds and transforms them as source of blessing, inspiration and motivation to their families, society and to the nation.  Earning will become meaningful and useful only when one has the life skills to lead a successful life.  Take time and utilize the opportunities to prepare yourself for a greater life.

Education should equip people not only for jobs but also for family life.  It is important to understand that career and family are integrated and are mutually supportive spheres.  Students need to be prepared for both work and family life.  When they go out of the campus they should be able to balance their commitment to work and their commitment to the family.

For achieving these objectives value education becomes an important component in the curriculum of higher education.  Let us march forward in the glorious tradition of excellence and values.


Rev. Dr. Spurgeon Nesapandian
Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy & Chaplain, MCC

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