The Rural Service League (RSL) School

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The Rural Service League was an important service Unit of the College since 1939. Professors such as Malcolm Adiseshiah, Sargurudas gave vision and dynamism to the League. As a result, the RSL School was founded by Chandran Devanesen in the 60's in a modest way to impart rural service training to the students of MCC, and also provide learning opportunities to the local needy residents of West Tambaram. The school was started out of College's own funds.

Today more than 70% of the students of the school belong to the SC/ST Category and other lower income groups of the society. Presently the school has grown into a higher secondary school with nearly 1270 students (607 in the primary and 657 in the high school and the higher secondary section).

There are four sections in classes 6, 7 and 8, and three sections (9 and 10) and two sections each in classes 11 and 12. There are 15 staff members in the Primary and 11 staff members in the high school aided by the Government of Tamil Nadu. In addition to this there are 15 staff in the high school and higher secondary sections supported by the Management. All the non teaching staff in the school is supported by the Management.

Vital infrastructure facilities like drinking water, sanitary requirements, library and computers are provided by the Management to students. Students of the school participate in activities such as the Red Cross, National Green Cadet and Student Guides.

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