MSW Programme

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The Master’s programme is an intensive two-year course comprising of four semesters which is a combination of class room instruction and field practicum. The uniqueness of this programme is that the students are exposed to experiential learning and this gives an edge over other similar master’s programme. The transition from a student to a professional is carefully monitored by a group of qualified and experienced teaching professionals and practitioners through a rigorous and continuous evaluation system. 

The MSW – HRM syllabus is a benchmark syllabus for Social Work Education which consists of certain unique papers like Introduction to Business Management, Concepts and Current Trends in HR, Organizational Communication, and Training Laboratory for Emerging HR Professionals to equip the students to meet the advancing industry standards.

In the first two semesters generic Social Work Social Case Work, Social Group Work, Human Growth and Development, Community Organisation are taught, which develops a humane approach in students. With the Social Work foundation, students bud out into excellent HR Professionals who are able to work with and for the employees. 

The students launch off into HRM Specialisation in the second semester itself, which is unique to the department. The subjects offered in the third and fourth semester make the students experts in the field of Human Resource Management.

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