St. Thomas's Hall

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St.Thomas's hall was built in the year 1937, named after St.Thomas, the harbringer of Christianity into India. Initially, St. Thomas's hall did not follow any constitution as such. In the early years, the hall was run under the leadership of the Warden and the General Secretary. The first warden of St. Thomas's Hall was J.R Macphail and the first General Secretary was A. Mohammed Nabi.

Indian Constitution System

The Hall adopted the Indian system of constitution in the year 1950-51. Under the Indian Constitution system, the hall was to function with the Speaker and Prime Minister as the two most important posts in the hall. While the Speaker was to function as a elderstatesman responsible for the moral conduct of the Hall and the orderly conduct of the General Body meetings. The Prime Minister was in charge of the Cabinet and the functioning of the hall in matters of finance and public affairs. The First Speaker of the Hall was K.S.S Sharma and the First Prime Minister was S.Suryanarayan. The hall constitution was drafted by K.S.S Sharma, R.Ravi Varma and Ponampalam.
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