Syllabus for UG

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The syllabus for the II year undergraduate students

Personality Development-1
Semester III
30 hours

Unit 1: Self Exploration: Introduction to Human Development and Resource development – course objective and expected outcome-self discovery – self acceptance – self esteem – self confidence – physical and cultural aspects of personality – Indian cultural sensitivity leading to self identity.

Unit 2: Character building: Ethics, morality and values: an understanding – Need for values – Kinds of Values – Value conflicts – Value clarification and Value acceptance.

Unit 3: Interpersonal relationship: Importance of Interpersonal relationships in the present context – kinds of relationships – overcoming prejudices – basic principle of building and sustaining relationships – personal vs. professional conflict – submissive, assertive and aggressive relationships.

Unit 4: Time and Stress Management: Importance of time – Managing time – the art of prioritizing and scheduling – stress and source of stress – recongnizing emotions and value of regulating emotions.

Unit 5: Vision and goal setting: Personal goal – career goal clarification understanding organizational goals – congruence of goals – Positioning oneself in the context of organization / society – expectation management – critical nature of reaching targets.

Personality Development
Semester IV
30 Hours

Unit 1: Communication Skills: Tools of communication (Oral, written, one way, two way, vertical and horizontal and lateral) Business communication-Body language, listening skills – Assertive communication – Etiquette (Personal, social, telephone, email and global) – Frequently asked questions (FAQS).

Unit II: Problem solving and resolution: Mind skills – out of box thinking creative thinking – analytical and synthesizing reasoning – intuition and extra sensory perception – conflicts within and among groups – conflicts in social organizations – resolution of conflicts – dealing with and managing conflicts – De Bono 6 thinking hats-.

Unit III: team building – formation of team – Phases of group growth process (Forming, norming, storming, performing and adjourning and reviewing) – skill development to be a team player / team leader.- Influencing process – Leadership – win-win situation – proactive skills – synergy.

Unit IV: integrated personal excellence – motivation – positive and negative; Internal and external – motivated performance – Personal grooming – attitudes – confidence building – reinforcement – potential and competence management – creative performance – geared to integrated personal excellence.

Unit V: Placement preparation: resume writing – group discussion – role play – interview – Mock interview – emotional intelligence: introduction-Broad organizational cultural sensitivity.

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