Maternity and Child Welfare Centre

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In the year 1935 when there was not any hospital in and around Tambaram, a few locals approached Mrs Edward Barnes with a request to start a maternity center. As a missionary. Mrs Barnes knew the urgency of the matter and lost no time to erect a thatched shed in the present site (in West Tambaram bus stand) and mobilized support from the local residents. Thus the first extension Unit of the College-The Maternity and Child Welfare Centre was born.

Soon Staff Wives Association with members such as Mrs Martin, Mrs Macnicol, Mrs Gandhekar, Mrs Devanesen, Mrs Mary Thangaraj, Mrs Catherine Sunder, Mrs Beulah Augustine lent their services to carry out the Centers task of offering medical, psychological and material help to the women in need. Since the year 1937, the Center had always been under the management of the College, but with the active support of the local residents and the officers of the Tambaram Municipality.

Members of the Staff Wives Association have always served in honorary capacities as Secretary or Treasurer or as Executive members. These include: Mrs Barnes (1935-40); Mrs Bingle and Mrs Christopher (1941); Mrs Platten (1942-44); Mrs Narsa Gandhekar (1945-52); Mrs Macnicol (1963; Mrs Mary Thangaraj (1954-67); Mrs Henritta Jeyasingh (1976-2000). Professor Ninan John also laboured for many years in various capacities. The nurses were appointed by the Committee, and the local and the College Medical officers rendered services for decades.

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