Vision & Mission

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Vision of the Department

To impart a multicultural and multilingual dimension to the study of the global language (viz., English) and its literature. 

Mission of the Department

The overall mission of the English Department is to promote the study of worldwide literature written in English and extend the understanding of how the English language is intertwined with the various cultures of those who speak and write it.

Goals and Objectives

To develop the students’ understanding of 

  • The historical investigation of texts
  • The theorization of reading
  • Interactions between literary and other forms of cultural production
  • Interrelationships between British and other literatures and the importance of non British literature in English.
  • To enhance students’ proficiency in English language skills
  • To equip students with the awareness and strategies needed to enable the study of English as a lifelong process. 
  • To engage in ongoing professional development with respect to both teaching and research.
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