Value Education Program

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The basic objective of Madras Christian College is to impart human values through sound learning. The thrust areas of MCC during its 173 years of existence can be broadly classified into Academic Excellence, Spiritual Vitality and Social Concern.  Building of society which is centered around ethics and human values that would guide all activities in an attempt to preserve the dignity of the individual and the well being of the entire human race is the primary vision of MCC.  To achieve such a society it is necessary to develop younger generation who would be able to identify and practice the desired ethical, spiritual and human values that would enrich human life.  In order to build such a younger generation MCC is offering Value Education Programme to its students. 

Value Education Programme is one of the important aspects of the education process in MCC. The genesis of this programme is traced back to moral instruction/ religious studies programmes of earlier years.  Under the present day context the Value Education Programme comprises of different components such as Social Ethics, Christian Studies, Social Studies and Gender Studies.

This value – oriented, interdisciplinary programme is offered in the first year of all our UG courses.  In the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) pattern, Value Education Programme comes under mandatory credit courses and carries 2 credits.  The pedagogical methods used in Value Education classes include chalk and talk, case studies, group discussions, guest lectures, etc.  the evaluation process has to components – End of Semester Examination (ESE) of three hours duration and continuous assessment (CA).  The CA component includes tests, seminars, projects, assignments and term pares.  A minimum of 35% marks in the ESE and CA marks put together a minimum of 40% marks are needed to get a pass in the Value Education Programme.

It is the duty of any educational institution to produce the best citizens for tomorrows India. MCC strongly believes in inculcation of values that shapes an individual and helps him take the right path in his quest for perfection.

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