Ms. Huldah Samuel

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M.Sc  Mathematics, Madras Christian College (1999-2001)
M.Phil Mathematics, Madras Christian College (2001-2003)

Brief Profile

Ms. Huldah Samuel had the privilege of being a former student of Madras Christian college from the Undergraduate level to the Master of Philosophy in Mathematics. She joined the teaching faculty in the Department of Mathematics, Self –financed stream in 2003 and  taught there  for a period of five years and in 2008 she joined the aided stream. Ms. Huldah was the Treasurer of Student Christian Movement (SCM) while she was a student. She is currently doing her research in the area of Computational Mathematics and has presented and authored research papers in this area. She is the president of the mathematics association since June 2013 . She served the student community in the capacity of the Associate staff advisor of the Student Christian Movement ( SCM) of the college for three years (2011 - 2014) . She is currently the staff advisor of the SCM unit of the college 

Area of Research

Combinatorics on words.

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