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Some of the highlights of the Department of Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology are:
  • One of the oldest Departments of Botany in Tamil Nadu State.
  • Offers Best Training in Plant Sciences at Under-graduate, Post-graduate and Research levels.
  • Focus on Research for more than four decades.
  • Well known in research fields such as Gravitropism, Plant Histochemistry, Plant Growth Regulator Studies, Seed Physiology, Paleophytology, Palynology, Algology, Plant Tissue Culture, Angiosperm Taxonomy and Ethnobotany.
  • Field based studies for Biodiversity and Angiosperm Taxonomy.
  • Offers consultancy in Algae and Flowering Plants identification and in Medicinal Plants.
  • Former Professor Dr. P. Dayanandan has received the Best Teacher award, from Government of Tamil Nadu.
  • Research Collaborations with institutes such as M. S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, Chennai; International Ocean Institute, IIT Campus, Chennai; Queen's University, Canada, Foundation For Revitalization of Local Health Traditions, Bangalore; Centre for Plants, People and Ecosystems, Chennai and C.P. Ramaswami Iyer Environmental Education Research Centre, Chennai.
  • Hosting interns through Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute under Canadian Youth Internship Programme for the past two years. 
  • New Species and New Varieties in Plant Fossils, Algae and Flowering Plants have been described by the Staff of the Department.
  • Six New Species of Flowering Plants were named in honour of four Teaching Staff - Eragrostis dayanandanii, Crotalaria dayanandanii, Liparis livingstoneae, Phyllanthus livingstonni, Saurauia durarajii, Anoectochilus narasimhanii.
  • Pollen Atlas for Chennai has been prepared by the Staff of the Department, which is referred by Allergy Specialists in Chennai. 
  • Students of this Department are recognized for their knowledge and training in Botany and are recruited in Universities, Colleges, Non-Governmental Research Organizations in India and Research Institutes abroad.
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