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Objectives of the B.A. English Language and Literature programme

  • To ensure that students are provided with a sound literary academic base to facilitate their continuing in Post-Graduation and research.
  • To give students practical competence to take up careers in Mass Media if they should be so inclined.
  • To help students explore their literary and para-literary creativity.

 Prescription of Texts

  • The Department is to use texts on three distinct levels: Reference texts that will provide the theoretical know how, prescribed texts on which the theory is to be applied by the students and which will be assessed in quizzes and tests and recommended reading which are to form the texts for seminars.
  • Care has been taken to ensure that the texts prescribed also have onscreen adaptations to enrich students’ experience of literature.
  • Canonical and popular texts have been prescribed.


  • The B.A. English Language and Literature programme is unique in its innovativeness.
  • The course we offer is genre based rather than chronology based.
  • Allied papers like Applied Stylistics in Prose, Myth and Literature, Philosophy and Literature are offered. 
  • The course equips students with a strong aesthetic and literary base to pursue PG programmes.
  • Simultaneously, elective papers like Media Studies and Creative Writing prepare students for para-literary careers.








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