Curriculum related activities

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  • Students of III Year B.Sc Geography, Tourism and Travel Management undergo internship in Tourism and Hospitality related sectors, for a period of 21 days in the month of May and June.
  • Students of B.Voc undergo 48 days of internship every year.

Field Visits

Students are taken for two field visits and one industrial visit in each year. Places include Viz. Historical sites, Heritage sites, Logistic institutions, Meteorological station, pilgrimage places, eco tourist sites etc.

Educational Tour

Tours are organized by the students every year. Students are divided into groups. Each group is assigned a task Viz. Preparing the itinerary , Booking different modes of Transport, Accommodation, Food, Looking after the discipline and health of the students.

Guest Lecture

Two guest lectures are organized for a semester.


Department is publishing VOYAGE an annual manual TRAVEL GAIA Bi monthly departmental news letter with the contribution of staff and students.

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