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  • Cogito the Philosophy Department Journal, edited by Dr James Kurian et al., was published in June 2013. Faculty published the following articles:
  • M. Gabirel, “The Leap of Faith and the Limits of Reason”,
  • Joshua Kalapati, “Markata Nyaya, Marjala Nyaya or Garuda Nyaya?”
  • Emma Dheenakumar, “Dr. Merigala Gabriel: Teacher, Friend and Philosopher”;
  • Kumari Sunitha, “The Visible: Why Eyes are not Enough?”
  • S. Segar, “Individual Rights and Social Rights”;
  • Jojan Job, “The Cradle of the Narrative and the Garden of Upanisads”; 
  • Renchy Koshy, “The Philosophy of Social Work” ; and
  • CSE Ross, “Jurgen Moltmann and his Theology of Hope”
  • Dr. Kumari Sunitha published three articles entitled “Gender and Globalization: Making of an Universal Women”, “ Gender and Empowerment” and “ Sexual Harassment at the Workplace” for the book Gender Matters, (ed) Dr. Florence John.
  • Dr. Kumari Sunitha published an article on the topic entitled “On Perception: why Eyes are not enough?” in the journal of philosophy July 2013. 
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