Socio-Cultural Exchange Program

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A world without mobile signals, pollution, electricity & noise… It was an eye opener attempt for the students of visual communication from Madras Christian College to see the world that’s beyond what they perceive.

The department of visual communication of the Madras Christian College organized a two day Socio-Cultural Exchange Program to the Javadi Hills from the 30th of August to the 1st of September.


The tribal hill in the Thiruvannamalai district was filled with the echoes of vibrant young talent when the freshers of the department of viscom, MCC tread out to Melpattu, a village in Javadi hills. It was a two day exchange camp organized and executed by the students themselves aided by the KRPED trust.

The camp was filled with programs from both the ends which had the students on their toes on both the days. They started the day with a scrumptious breakfast meal and then a general talk given by Mr.Senthil of the KRPED trust, the Forest Ranger and the Head Master of the Melpattu forest school about the heritage and history of the Javadi hills which was followed by an interactive session where the students came to know about the tradition, culture and rituals of the Javadi tribe.

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The students split themselves into groups of six to seven members and took charge, of a group of school students from the Melpattu forest school and tutored them in a play way method. Post lunch the students were taken to an agricultural field where they were let free to pluck the weeds from the Kodo Millet crop (Samai) which is the only crop cultivated in the hills. The most tiring job for a farmer turned out to be a de-stressing job for the youth hearts who all this while believed it was facebook that brought real joy. The students also had a chance to relish organic food of the hills like varaghu rice, kollu soup and sukku coffee

The day didn’t end with that, later that night the students were taken to Kizhpattu where they were exposed to the traditional folk theatre ‘theru koothu’ by a renowned theatre group. The episode enacted by them was “Panjali Sabatham from Mahabaratham.”

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Overflowing with knowledge and experience the students had a moment to say a few words about the ecstasy they cherished, with heavy hearts and burdened souls the group bid farewell to the home of real people and regretfully returned back to the bustle of the city life. On the way downhill the group visited a waterfall with great expectation of a good fresh water shower instead they were let down by a dry ground of massive boulders.

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The bus ride back to college was stained with thoughts of the two days and all that the students would miss after getting into the rush of assignments and work. Tharunya, one of the active students quoted saying “ We did not feel like leaving cause ,we enjoyed it here than the electronic world city life ,here the people are so simple and thanks to the department of viscom to plan it and 1st year got this blessed opportunity to realize the culture and lifestyle ,was the best experience and surely there will be change in attitude and behavior in students.”



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