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Dialectic is the weekly discussion forum of the Department of Philosophy which is interdisciplinary in nature. The classes III BA, IMA and IIMA meet in the Indoor Theatre of Bishop Heber Hall every Friday from 11.45 till 01.00 pm. 

An eminent speaker from the other Departments of the college or outside, is invited to speak for about one hour followed by interaction. Dialectic thus provides a platform for students and faculty to approach problems of life, discuss values and goals, and unravel mysteries and meaning of human existence from a multi-dimentional perspective.

Occasionally the forum also plays videos which stimulate thought and critical enquiry. The staff-cordinator and a team of students plan and organize these sessions.

  • Dr. David Alexander, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Huntington University, USA, spent two months in the department, as a visiting faculty, and delivered lectures in the department and the college
  • Dr. Urbano Rodrigues, an alumnus of the department and a Professor of Philosophy, Fairfield University, USA delivered a lecture on “Does Matter Exist: Exploring George Berkeley” on 1st August, 2013
  • Dr. Kirsteen Bergman Waha, faculty, University of California, Davis, delivered a lecture on “Comparative Hindu-Christian Ethics with reference to A. Madhaviah’s Clarinda” on 6 September, 2013
  • Dr. C.R. Krishnamurthi, Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada spoke on “Principles of Bhakti in Tamil Literature” on 20th December, 2013
  • Dr. Bill Allen, Professor of Religious Studies (retd.), University of Temple, Philadelphia, USA delivered a lecture on “Challenging the Goliath of Globalization” on 11th February, 2014
  • Dr. Amalorpavanathan, Associate Professor of Madras Medical College and Convenor for Organ Transplantation delivered a lecture on the title “Ethical and Social implications of Organ Transplantation” on 4th October 2013.
  • Mr. Henry Rozario, Alumnus of the Department, a former TV Anchor, delivered a lecture entitled “Freedom and Neurobiology” on 16th August 2013.
  • Dr. Samuel Sukumar, Faculty of the department of Zoology delivered a talk entitled “The impact of Campus flora and Fauna on students Personality and Learning”.
  • Dr. D. Narasimhan, Faculty of the Department of Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology gave a talk entitled “Plants, Politics and Society”, on 26th July 2013.
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