The Department of Business Administration started its journey towards imparting a whole some management education in August 2001. With an objective of motivating and fascinating budding managers, the department has been involved in developing student centric course curriculum and industry based learning methodologies.Facebook

The pedagogy of the BBA program consist of lectures, Research Projects, case studies, seminars, workshops, management quiz, and other student centric activities. To update the knowledge and have a practical exposure of the industry that the department organizes seminars and industrial visits.

Programmes OfferedBBA       ::   Annual intake:  140 seats


The candidate should have preferably studied commerce in their 12th standard. For Admission, related enquiries please mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.gmail.com 

BBA at a Glance

Programmes Offered

Semester Subjects
1 Part I   : Language
Part II  : English
Part III  Major : Principles of Management
Part III  Allied I : Business Statistics for Management
Part IV (a) : BT/AT/GC : Fundamentals of Mgmt
Part IV (d) : Value Education
2 Part I   : Language
Part II  : English
Part III  Major : Business Law
Part III  Major : Financial and Mgmt Accounting
Part III  Allied I : TALLY Accounting system for management
Part IV (a) : BT/AT/GC : Fundamentals of Mgmt
Part IV (d) : Value Education
3 Part I   : Language
Part II  : English
Part III  Major : Marketing Management
Part III  Major : Financial Management
Part III  Allied II: Elective: TQM / E-Commerce
Part IV (b) : Skill Based : Personality Development
Part IV (c) : EVS
4 Part I   : Language
Part II  : English
Part III  Major : Production and Material Management
Part III  Major : Operation Research
Part III  Allied II: Elective: Financial Markets / Retail  Management
Part IV (b) : Skill Based : Personality Development
Part IV (d) : I.D Skill development for Mgt Studies
5 Part III Major : Research Methodology
                       :  International Business
                       : Contemporary Perspective of Mgmt
                       :  SPSS FOR BUSINESS APPLICATION
Part IV(b)Skill Based : Computer training and Application in Mgt.
Part IV(b) :Skill Based :Elective (Gen) Entrepreneurship and Small scale Industry
6 Part III Major :   Indian Business Environment
                       :   Corporate policy & Strategic Mgmt
                       :  Human Resource Management  
                       : ADVERTISEMENT & SALES PROMOTION  / Training  & Development
                       : Project Work 
Part V : Extension Activities : Physical Education
                                                : Service Learning Program
                                                : NSS/NCC/Sports/Scrub
                                                : Dept Association Activities



D. Armstrong Doss
Head of the Department
K. Ganesan
Assistant Professor
Tony Thomas
Assistant Professor 
 R. Karthik
Assistant Professor
 K. Subaniya Sarah 
Assistant Professor
 Millicent Serena 
Assistant Professor
 R. Esther Hepziba
Assistant Professor
 M.K. Vedavalli 
Assistant Professor
 P. Chidambaranathan
Assistant Professor
 V. Siva Sankaran
Assistant Professor

Student's Forum


TYCOONS, the students’ forum of the Department of Business Administration, have been organizing various programmes to mould the students into excellent Management professionals. All the activities are initiated and orchestrated by students. The activities expose the student to various management practices in the industry. Frequent seminars and workshops are conducted to complement and supplement the academic input. The other activities of the forum include the Industrial Visit, Educational Tour, Management theatre, Book review etc.

Fresher’s Day
Fresher’s day is a dream for every fresher as the academic year begins. We welcomed the newcomers in a friendly atmosphere to encourage their creative impulses to boost their confidence. The stage was raised for fresher to showcase their talent and complete with the Mr & Miss. Fresher’s Crown. 

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An Inter School meet that brings awareness among school students about the importance of Business Education. Students from various schools came and participated the events such as B-Plan, Business Quiz, and Ad Zap etc. These events motivate the school students to show their talents and Creative ability. Education, the students compete within themselves with the dynamic power to emerge victories.

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La Corrida

An Inter Collegiate Management fest that test the business acumen of the students and prepare them through the maze of corporate events such as The Big Debate, Business plan and Quiz etc. The future business tycoons from over 50 colleges participate and give tough competition to each other. 


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Magna theatre

This was started as an idea for innovative learning, beyond the classroom chalk and talk. Work originating in the not-for-profit theatre is the toast of Business Administration Department. Keeping the belief alive that drama is a vital and constructive force in society, the theatre is working hard towards the objective. It is an association of students along with guiding faculty Dr.Armstrong Doss, Head, Department of Business Administration, which opens up opportunities for the student body to become more intimately acquainted with techniques of theatre. The theatre does an excellent job in inculcating a necessary element in the process of liberal education and intending to provide a program for the production and the promotion of the college community. 

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Debatito-Debate club

It is a platform provided for the business tycoons to debate and enhance their opinion and knowledge of the business environment and business methodologies.

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Club Revista – Book Review Club:
It is an effort to motivate students to read books which enhance their knowledge about the corporate and the practical world. This club operates with review of books by renowned authors and review of corporate houses.

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Faculty Development Program

Business schools are boldly facing up to big changes within the industry itself in order to produce graduates who are ready to take on and excel at the ever-evolving jobs for which they’ve been prepared. This surge in growth had been brought about by recognizing the value of faculty support in their roles as educators, researchers, and administrators aiming for an energetic academic life and culture. With this background, the department conduct focused faculty development programs, providing exposure to sound teaching principles and innovative educational techniques, on chosen topics. 

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Au revoir

Although farewell ceremony officially is about bidding goodbye to the awesomeness of college life and everything that is part of it. All the students belonging to the Department of Business Administration come together to give a farewell party to the students of 3rd year. 

farwell  IMG 0840  IMG 2325 


Christmas Day Celebration

Jesus Christ gave the world with the lesson of love. The day witnessed inspiration, melodies and visual treats, leading it to become a meaningful Christmas carols which brought in the blood of Joy and Pleasure. 

Foreign Collaboration

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Men in Business

Guest Lectures:

Guest lectures are conducted in the department of business administration to keep the students abreast with the latest trends and developments in the field of business.



Industrial Visits
Industrial Visits are organized to promote industry-institute interaction and also to familiarize the students with industrial environment and systems.
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Department of Business Administration provides full placement support to the students in all in its areas of Business, Management, Marketing, Human Resources, and Finance.
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Memory Lane


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 2nd batch 2002 2005
 3rd batch 2003 2006
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 7th Batch 2006 2010
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A Batch 2014 2017
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Department of Business Administration conducting intra department sports activities every year. The students are encouraged in various sports activities like Basket ball, Through ball, Cricket etc.

100 Meter dash 1 100 Meter dash
 Basket Ball  Basket Ball team
 Football Team  Foot Ball
 Team Game  Volley Ball
 Volley Ball 2 Walking Race

Department Events


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