The Department of Commerce was established in 1969 and offers a comprehensive, contemporary and multi-disciplinary curriculum structured to equip the students with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to make them competitive in a global economic environment.

The Department also offers B.Com (Vocational) course focusing on Marketing, Advertising and Salesmanship. Students will be exposed to 'on the job' training session for hands on experience in addition to project work.

Programmes Offered: B.Com (Regular), B.Com (Vocational), M.Com., M.Phil. and Ph.D

World-Class Business Education Programme

Madras Christian College, always a forerunner in quality education, has initiated 'World Class Business Education Programme' for students. The Program, supported by Ms. Chandrika Tandon, a distinguished alumna of our college, has brought in radical changes in the quality of education offered by the Department of Business Administration and the Department of Commerce.

B.Com (Regular and Vocational)




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  1. V.S.Sundaresan, Chief General Manager, SEBI delivered a lecture on “SMART Financial Goals” on 23rd July 2018 at Anderson Hall. The lecture provided guidelines on setting Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound goals and strategies to use financial markets as a medium to achieve the financial goals which will help individuals to be financially independent.
 Inauguration Commerce Forum Sundaresan Event 1  Inauguartion Commerce Forum Sundaresan Event 3

Sriram Narayan, Chartered Accountant and Consultant from Coimbatore delivered a lecture on “Future Career Prospects for Commerce Graduates” on 22nd June 2018. The lecture focused on the future career opportunities for commerce graduates in the business world.

IMG 20180719 WA0083
Selvam Alagappan, Alumnus of the Department delivered a lecture on “Leadership Styles required for successful business operations” on 14th September 2018 at Martin Hall, Auditorium. The lecture focused on qualities of a successful leader citing examples from the Indian History and their implications for management practices.
 Selvam sir Lecture  Selvam Sir Lecture 1 Selvam sir Lecture 2   

Sweathakumar, Entrepreneur and Alumnus from Switzerland delivered a lecture on “Life Skill for Entrepreneurs” on 17th September 2018 at Martin Hall, Auditorium. The lecture focused three key skills namely perseverance, innovation and work ethics required for successful entrepreneur in order to survive and sustain in this competitive business world.

Sweathakumar Lecture 1

Srivatsan, Chartered Accountant from Times of India and Alumnus of Department of Commerce delivered a lecture on “E-filing of Returns and Deductions for Tax planning” on 29th September 2018 at Martin Hall, Auditorium. The lecture focused on procedures for filing tax returns through online portals and stressed on how section 80 deductions can be utilized for tax planning.

Srivatsan TOI Lecture E Filing Srivatsan Lecture 1 Srivatsan Lecture 2

Selvin Prem, Consultant HR from Australia delivered a lecture on “Importance of Future HR in Global Arena” in the month of August 2018. The Lecture focused on future trends in HRM in the global perspective.


Selvin Prem HR Lecture


Golden Jubilee Celebration 

Ramesh Mani, Global Head, Tata International Limited, Bombay delivered a lecture on “How to be a successful in corporate business world” on 25th January 2019. The lecture focused on qualities of successful CEO in today’s competitive business arena.


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Organized a faculty enrichment program on “Importance of Psychological interpersonal staff-student relationship” on 27th July 2018 at International Guest House. The Speaker was Dr.Sangeetha Mahesh, practising Psychologist..

FER 6 FER 7  FER 8 


Certification Program

Glenn Roger Carr (Alumnus) conducted a certification program on “Mutual Fund Investing” which enables the student to understand the nature and use of mutual funds as a powerful investment vehicle. The Program was conducted on 30th and 31st August 2018.

Glenn 1 Glenn 2



  1. Jayaprakash, Chief Data Scientist, Statistical Risk Management Solutions,Chennai conducted a workshop on “ Multivariate Analysis using SPSS and AMOS”. The workshop focused various multivariate analysis like factor analysis, cluster analysis, discriminant analysis, ANOVA and ANCOVA. Further the workshop also focused on constructing a Structural Equation Model (SEM Analysis) for the research study being carried out by research scholars. The workshop held at Martin Hall Auditorium on 1st March 2019.


  1. PSR Murthy, Adjunct Professor, Adikavi Nannaya University (Andhra Pradesh State Government University), conducted a workshop on “Art of Thesis writing” which focused on guidelines in choosing a research problem, narrating the introductory chapter, ways of presenting the data in the thesis and writing a meaningful conclusion that will provide scope for further research in the field of commerce. The workshop held on 18th March 2019 at Martin Hall Auditorium.
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