Family Life Institute is an extension project of the MCC. It was a project initiated to cater to the needs of the community in the village of Mappeduand was aimed to provide wholesome development to the people. Today FLI runs a 24-hour medical clinic at very subsidized rates, a Councillor conducting councilling sessions for drug addicts, women, slow learners etc . and a tailoring unit for empowering women and children. The institute conducts health camp in association with reputed hospitals in Chennai, awareness lectures to the community and Government Schools nearby. The institute concentrates in developing cultural, economic, social structures of the target group.

Even before the country thought about outreach programs, MCC-FLI initiated such programs under the leadership of the 1st Indian Principal.Dr Chandran Devanesan, in the year 1971,Aug 19th when the foundation stone was laid for the construction of FlI, and further it's functioning started in 9th Jan 1974