Policy for Research and Development:

Deanery for Research and Development was established in the year 2012 at Madras Christian College to achieve high quality and world class research with the following objectives:

  1. To augment financial and infrastructural facilities for research and development in order to improve and strengthen research competencies at the Departmental level.
  2. To promote research and development activities in MCC such as organizing Workshops, Conferences, Seminars so as to improve the quality of research, to enhance academic excellence and social relevance.
  3. To establish an integrated and co-ordinated research environment amongst the departments to spread research culture.
  4. To facilitate collaborative research projects and activities with National and International Institutions, Industries and Other professional research bodies.
  5. To encourage research at M.Phil, Ph.D and Post-Doctoral level through provision of research Awards and Rewards.
  6. To motivate faculty and students to publish and to present research papers/articles at various conferences and seminars at National and International level by providing research and travel grants.
  7. To persuade the faculty members to publish Books, Monographs, Working Papers etc., by providing financial assistance and infrastructural research ambience.

Dean of Research :

Dr. G. Abraham Immanuel Ebenezer

Associate Deans - Research & Development

Nirmala Mohan (Mrs.), M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Thomas Rosy (Mrs.), M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.


List of Ph.D's Produced


List of Ph.D's Produced

S.No.  Name of the PhD scholar Name of the Department Name of the guide/s Title of the thesis Year of award of PhD
1 Mrs.D.MarySornambal Tamil  Dr. P. David Prabakar Modern Tamil poetry by women: Pataippum Pathivukalum 2013-14
2 Mrs.M.Nalini Tamil Dr. P. David Prabakar Human Development thoughts in pattu paattu 2013-14
3 Mr.Stalin Tamil Dr. P.George Story telling techniques practices in folk tales with special reference to kanchipuram district 2013-14
4 Suresh Samuel David Public Administration Dr. T. Johnson Sampathkumar Impact of acute health crisis on physical psycho-social and economic status of rural low income families in southern india 2013-14
5 Dr Daniel Thejus  Philosophy Dr K. Joshua Philosophical Ideas in the writings of Dr. Amartya Sen 2013-14
6 Mrs. Sindhu J. Kumaar Mathematics Dr. P. Abisha Jeyanthi Studies on Pattern and Pure Pattern Languages 2013-14
7 Mrs.P. Nirmala Devi Mathematics Dr. B. Adolf Stephen Studies on Certain Subclasses of Harmonic Univalent Functions 2013-14
8 Ms K. Premalatha  Chemistry Dr P.S.Raghavan Studies on the Catalytic Oxidation of Benzyl Alcohol in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Media – Role of Reaction Environment 2013-14
9 Tabitha Duri Commerce Dr. Charles Suresh David A study on the influence of career anchors on organizational citizenship behaviour 2013-14
10 V.Manikantan Commerce Dr. S.John Gabriel Problems and prospectus of women employees in multinational companies in chennai-  A study 2013-14
11 Annet Abro Commerce Dr. S.John Gabriel Role of US in the development of BPO industry in india - A study 2013-14
12 Vimal George Kurian Commerce Dr. S.John Gabriel E- Banking in india  2013-14
13 Ashik J Bonofer Political Science Dr. A. Subramaniam Ethnic conflict in srilanka - The role of internal and external acters in conflict resolution 2013-14
14 Sharmila Public Administration Dr.William Gnanasekaran  2013-14
15 Nirupa Public Administration Dr. P. Kingsley Alfred Chadrasekaran  2013-14
16 Jaquline Raja Bai . V Economics Dr.C.Selvaraj Food Processing Industry in India: A Study of Productivity and Resource - Use Efficiency  2013-14
17 Mr. Benni Tamil  Dr. Y.Gnana Chandra Johnson Samuel paul iyarin vazhvum padaippum 2014-15
18 Mr.Prabakaran Tamil Dr. P.George Sanga elakkiya varaiyarai martum kale aaivu varalaru (1881-1930) 2014-15
19 Mr.G.Ruthramurthy Tamil Dr. N.Ilango Thravida eyakka nadagaingal in samuga paniyum padaippakka uthigalum  2014-15
20 Anbu Public Administration Dr. T. Johnson Sampathkumar A study on effectiveness of cooperative dairy society management (with reference to Thiruvallur and Kancheepuram - DCMPU) 2014-15
21 Selvarani . M Economics DrA.Annadurai Consumption pattern, Consumer Awareness and Preference of milk by Household in Chennai Corporations, Tamil Nadu 2014-15
22 Anne Benedexa Economics DrA.Annadurai An Analysis on Performance of Women Entrepreneurs in Chennai Citry, Tamil Nadu 2014-15
23 Mrs. N.Jansirani Mathematics Dr. V. Rajkumar Dare Studies on Combinatorial Properties of Infinite Arrays 2014-15
24 Mr.B.J.Balamurugan Mathematics Dr. D. Gnanaraj Thomas A Study on Graph Generation, Labelling and Applications 2014-15
25 Dr.V. Mahalakshmi Microbiology Dr. S. Niren Andrew Physicochemical, Genetic and molecular analysis of polythylene degrading potential of microorganisms isolated from compost soil 2014-15
26 Dr. Samuel Prabhakar I.  History Dr. C. Joseph Barnabas Indian Christian Mission Movements – with Special Reference to National Missionary Society of India (1905-2005) 2014-15
27 R.V.Subramaniam Political Science Dr. W Lawrence S Prabhakar A Grand Strategic Formulation for India: An Assessment of the Demographic Osmosis-Information-Knowledge Management Paradigm 2014-15
28 Precilla D’Souza Economics Dr.A.Duraisamy Economic analysis of  homelessness: A comparative study of chennai and bangalore cities in india 2014-15
29 Dr. Lali Growther Microbiology Dr. S. Niren Andrew   Molecular Characterization and screening for bioactive phytochemicals against shign toxin producing Escherichia coli 2014-15
30 Sarah Mathew  Philosophy Dr. V.M. Spurgeon Propthetic supervison in Judaism with special reference to the books of I and II Samuel: A study of Leadership skills among the students of religious studies in Chennai  2014-15 
31 Mr.Ravanan Tamil Dr. G.Rajendran Pavanar parvaiyl inthia mozhigal. 2015-16
32 Mr.Thennavan Tamil Dr. G.Rajendran Tholkappiya porulathikara aaivu varalaru 2015-16
33 Mrs. Sudarvizhi Tamil Dr. Y.Gnana Chandra Johnson Mu. Arunachalarin tamizhar panigal 2015-16
34 Mr.A.Arumugam Tamil  Dr. S.Balusami Savathu malaivazhi makkal vazhiviyal 2015-16
35 Mr.K.Amar Tamil  Dr. S.Balusami Arunagiri nadhar padaippugal Or Aaivu 2015-16
36 MR.Ganamani Tamil Dr. P. David Prabakar E-journals in Tamil: Structure and techniques 2015-16
37 Ms.M.Jabamani Tamil Dr. P. David Prabakar Christava cittrilakkiyagal. 2015-16
38 Raffima Political Science Dr. J. Ramesh Sundar Political Empowerment of Women: A study of elected Women Representatives of Village Panchayats in Villupuram District 2015-16
39 Prince Solomon Political Science Dr. A. Subramaniam Imapct of Globalizaton on Social Work Education - A Study (with special reference to social work education in Tamil Nadu) 2015-16
40 Dharitri Dwivedy Political Science Dr. W Lawrence S Prabhakar Philanthrophy, Civil Society and Terrorism: A Study 2015-16
41 Rita Catherine Public Administration Dr. P. Kingsley Alfred Chadrasekaran  2015-16
42 Prince Annadurai Public Administration Dr. Suresh Babu  A study on the sastisfaction of NRHM (National Rural Health Mission) services among the beneficiaries in Medavakkam Primary Health Cnetre, Kanchipuram District 2015-16
43 LalrinMawii Economics Dr.A.Duraisamy Supply and Demand Determinants of Healthcare system in Mizoram – An Economic Analysis 2015-16
44 Annu.R Economics Dr.A.Duraisamy Empirical Analysis of Financial Inclusion in India – A case study of Tamil Nadu  2015-16
45 Suganthy .J.M Economics Dr.C.Selvaraj An Economic Analysis of Pro- Environmental Behaviour for Sustainable Environment: A Case of Chennai Metropolis 2015-16
46 Ganesan . K Economics Dr.A.Duraisamy Economic Analysis of Consumer Behavior and Retailers Strategy in Organised Retail Outlets of Kancheepuram District in Tamilnadu 2015-16
47 T.Johnson Philosophy Dr. V. M. Spurgeon Change of religious affiliation: A stuy on its impact among college students belonging to assemblies of God chruches in Chennai  2015-16
48 A.Anthony Deva Sahayam Philosophy Dr. V. M. Spurgeon The pendulum effect in church history in the movements on emotion and intellect: A challenge for biblical christianity in the 21st century  2015-16
49 Mr.R. Arulprakasam Mathematics Dr. V. Rajkumar Dare A Study on Certain Classes of Automata and their Languages 2015-16
50 Madhanagopal R Statistics Dr. R. Chandrasekaran Performance of indian commercial banks during recent global economic crisis: An efficiency and productivity analysis 2015-16
51 Dr. B. Subramani Chemistry Dr R.Wilfred Sugumar Synthesis, structural studies and anticancer activities of Ln(III) and UO2(II) carboxylates containing hydrazonium / phenyl hydrazonium cation 2015-16
52 Dr. V.Karthikeyan Chemistry Dr R.Joel Karunakaran Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of imdazolo-pyrazoles, pyrano chromenones and spirooxindoles 2015-16
53 M. Pazhanisamy  Botany  Dr. G.A.I. Ebenezer  Tissue Culture Phytochemistry and DNA Barcoding Studies of a Traditional Bone Setting Medicinal Plant Ormocarpum cochinchinense Lour Merr  2015-16
54 R. Muralidharan  Botany  Dr. D. Narasimhan  Angiosperm Diversity Ethnobotany and Vegetational analysis of a Sacred forest near Gingee Tamil Nadu, India 2015-16
55 U. Senthil Kumar  Botany  Dr D. Narasimhan Phylogenetics and phylogeography of climbing Palms of India (Tribe: Calameae,  2015-16
56 Dr.ROSE GREGORIA P.J. Zoology DR. R. Moses Inbaraj Identification, expression and sequence analysis of cyp19A1A and Sox9A in the gonads of Catla catla in an annual reproductive cycle and during the early developmental stages 2015-16
57 Dr.LALTAN PUII Zoology Dr. Manu Thomas Mathai Molecular Systematics and Phylogenetics of the Family Libellulidae (Odonata:Anisoptera) of  Mizoram 2015-16
58 Sadeesh.J Commerce Dr. Charles Suresh David 2015-16
59 M. Haridoss Commerce Dr. E. John Suriya Kumar Customers Perception towards retail banking: A comparitive study of Public and Private Sector banks in Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu 2015-16
60 R.Ramasamy Commerce Dr. E. John Suriya Kumar A Comparative study of Deposit Mobilisation in District Central Co-operative(DCCB) and State Bank of India (SBI) in Krishnagiri District, Tamil Nadu  2015-16
61 S.S.Onyx Nathanael  Commerce Dr. S.John Gabriel Housing Finance in India – A Case analysis in Urban Housing Finance by LIC Housing Finance Ltd  2015-16
62 S.Aiswarya Commerce Dr. S.John Gabriel Role of IT in the Development of banking Sector in India – A Study (with reference to State Bank of India) 2015-16
63 Dr. Caroline Michael Chemistry Dr R.Wilfred Sugumar Characterization of Leachate from wasteand ternery lead free alloys usingatomic absorption spectroscopy and characterization of binary lead free alloys  2015-16
64 Dr. Vasudevan Chemistry Dr R.Joel Karunakaran Synthesis, characterization, crystal structure determination by X-ray analysis and biological studies of nitrogen and sulphur based heterocycles and fluoroescence studies of Benzo[C]thiphenes 2015-16
65 S.V. Raghavan  Political Science Dr. Crosby Vijayakumar  Philoanthropy, civil society and terrorism: a study  2015-16 
66 Mr.Seetharaman Tamil  Dr. Y.Gnana Chandra Johnson Thodaikka kala navalgalil samuga sikkalgal. 2016-17
67 Mr. Benny Thomas Tamil  Dr. Y.Gnana Chandra Johnson Mupperum kavimanigalin kirithava ilakkiya pani  2016-17
68 Ms.Suganthi Tamil  Dr. Y.Gnana Chandra Johnson J.Sae. Vedanayakarin christava  ilakkiyathiran 2016-17
69 Mrs.Rajasornam Tamil Dr. Y. Paul Prabu Santharaj Viviliya mozhipearppu varalaru 2016-17
70 Mrs.G.Akila Tamil Dr. Y. Paul Prabu Santharaj Ilakkiya nokkilum tamizhisai nokkilum Arunagirinatharin Thiruvaguppu 2016-17
71 B.Allen David Isaih English Dr S. Stephen Jebanesan The Methodology of ELT: A Historical study with specific reference to Harolod E. Palmer 2016-17
72 R. Latha English Dr. Ann Thomas 2016-17
73 Daenn Antoinella Novonho English Dr S. Stephen Jebanesan 2016-17
74 Veera Renuka Lobo Political Science Dr. A. Subramaniam Koraga’s Status and Development – A Study 2016-17
75 Solvin Mathew Political Science Dr. W Lawrence S Prabhakar China-Pakistan Nuclear Missile Convergence: A Study in Extended Deterrence 2016-17
76 Kumaravel . R Economics Dr.A.Duraisamy Economic Study of Wind Energy and Its Effective Utilisation Through Hybridisation 2016-17
77 Amuthan.S Economics Dr.A.Annadurai Trends and Patterns of Out-Migration from Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu 2016-17
78 Adeline.S Economics Dr.C.Selvaraj Pharamaceutical industry in india structure - conduct - performance analysis 2016-17
79 Veeraian. T Economics Dr.A.Annadurai Rural Labour Market Transition in Tamil Nadu – A Case Study of Pudukkottai District 2016-17
80 A. Elias Philosophy Dr. V.M. Spurgeon 2016-17
81 A. Stanley Jebaraj Philosophy Dr M. Gabriel Gandhi’s Religious Philosophy: A Perspective and Contemporary Relevance – A Study 2016-17
82 Mrs. D. Sheena Christy Mathematics Dr. D. Gnanaraj Thomas Splicingon two-dimensional picture languages 2016-17
83 Lakshmi Priya Statistics Dr. R. Chandrasekaran Assessing indian industries on the basis of financial ratio using data mining tools 2016-17
84 Venkatesh kumar Statistics Dr. R. Chandrasekaran Estimation of Software Development Cost and Effort using Statistical and Soft Computing Models 2016-17
85 Dr.B. Ganeshbabu Chemistry Dr P.S.Raghavan Acoustic and Excess properties of Sulfolane-containing liquid binary systems – A study 2016-17
86 Dr. R.Elayaraja Chemistry Dr R.Joel Karunakaran Studies on the development of novel synthesis of some indole derivatives and their characterization 2016-17
87 Dr.SARAVANAN N. Zoology DR. R. Moses Inbaraj Expression and analysis of maturation inducing steroid receptors and steroidogenic enzymes encoding genes in an Indian major carp, Labeo rohita (Ham.) 2016-17
88 Dr.RAMACHANDRA PRABHU S. Zoology DR. R. Moses Inbaraj Evaluation of the effect of estrogen mimics in an Indian major carp, Labeo rohita (Ham.): A special reference to reproduction 2016-17
89 Dr.JOHN CALEB T.D. Zoology Dr. Manu Thomas Mathai Diversity and systematics of spiders (Arachnida: Araneae) from Madras Christian College campus, Tambaram, India 2016-17
90 Dr.T.J.SHEEBA Zoology Dr. Manu Thomas Mathai Molecular characterization, phylogenetics and genetic diversity analysis of Therea petiveriana (L.) (Blattodea: Polyphagidae). 2016-17
91 Dr.MANCHIKALAPUDI FLORA GRACE Zoology Dr.R.Raveen Flora Grace. Glycopeptide resistance in methicillin resistant Staphylococus aureus (MRSA) laboratory detection and clinical implications 2016-17
92 Dr.K. DHINAMALA Zoology Dr.R.Raveen Bioaccumulation of toxic heavy metals in the soft tissues of a few shellfish species of Pulicat lake, TamilNadu, India 2016-17
93 Dr.K.T. KAMAKSHI Zoology Dr.R.Raveen Biological activities of some xerophytic plant extracts and an isolated compound opuntiol against the dengue vector Aedes aegypti L. (Diptera: Culicidae) 2016-17
94 Dr.M.PUSHPALATHA Zoology Dr.R.Raveen Bioaccumulation of toxic heavy metals in the soft tissues of a few 2016-17
95 Dr. C.V.Vidhya Microbiology Dr. S. Niren Andrew Molecular Profiling of COA and MEC A genes from multidrug resistant staphylococcus aureus 2016-17
96 R.Sridhar Commerce Dr. E. John Suriya Kumar The aspects of Air cargo handling at Chennai Airport 2016-17
97 S.Amalnathan Commerce Dr. S.John Gabriel Impact of Micro-finance on rural women through Self-help group – Bank linkage (SBLP) and Micro-finance Institutions (MFI’s): A Comparative Study 2016-17
98 M.Kolanjimani Commerce Dr. S.John Gabriel Role of Training programmes and Rehabilitation in increasing the employability of the hearing impaired – A Study 2016-17
99 C.K.Deepa Commerce Dr. S.John Gabriel Financial Management Practices of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in the state of Tamil Nadu – A Study 2016-17
100 T. Shirley Devakirubai Commerce Dr. S.John Gabriel Competing for Indian Market – A Study” Foreign Vs Indian Companies (With Special reference to passenger Car market) 2016-17
101 Zahir Hussain B Statistics Dr. Bala Srinivasan A Study of Some Stochastic Models of Cancer Initiation and Progression 2016-17 
102 Elizabeth Sureka  Commerce Dr. Charles Suresh David 2016-17
103 M. Elumalai Tamil Dr. P. David Prabakar Kalithogai - Ecological perspective’, Dravidian University, Kuppam, Andra Pradesh 2017-18
104 P. Prabu Tamil Dr. P. David Prabakar Bhuddism in Tamil Culture 2017-18
105 Gnana Rathna Raju Savalam Public Administration Dr. T. Johnson Sampathkumar A study on Inclusion of Children with Hearing Impairment in Regular Schools with regard to Access, Equity and Quality under Sarva Shikhsha Abhiyan Progamme in Kanchipuram District 2017-18
106 Mrs. Annal Deva Priya Darshini Mathematics Dr. V. Rajkumar Dare Studies on some operations on words and arrays 2017-18
107 Mrs. Huldah Samuel Mathematics Dr. V. Rajkumar Dare Certain Studies on Combinatorial Properties of Words and Arrays 2017-18
108 Mrs. Kavitha Mathematics Dr. N. Gnanamalar David A study on dominator coloring of graphs 2017-18
109 Mrs. Amarajothi Mathematics Dr. N. Gnanamalar David Magic and Bimagic Labeling in Graphs 2017-18
110 Mr Sam Daniel Thompson Mathematics Dr. N. Gnanamalar David String and Array Grammar Systems based on Flat splicing operation 2017-18
111 Ms. H. Aaisha Farzana Mathematics Dr. B. Adolf Stephen Subordination Properties of Certain classes of analytic functions 2017-18
112 J. Amalorpavam  Botany  Dr. G.A.I. Ebenezer  Studies On The Structure And Anti Diabetic Properties Of Seeds Of Tamarindus Indica (Leguminosae)  2017-18
113 Somirin Washinao History Dr. J. Barnabas  State Humar Rights Commissions - with special refernce of North East India 2017-18
114 D. Selvakumari  Physics  Dr. N. Lakshmi Narayan  Syntehsis, formation and study of ZnO nanostructures and some trail applications  2017-18 
115 P. Maqlin  Mathematics Dr. T. Robinson  Segmentation and analysis of breast cancer histopathology images  2017-18 

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