Madras Christian College (Autonomous)

Value Education - I

Social Ethics

(2015 – 2016 onwards)


Semester: 1                                                                                                                                                                       No. of hours: 30

Credit: 1

Objectives: a) To bring awareness among students on various ethical issues prevailing in our society.

                    b) To enable students to become responsible human beings with values.


Value Education- Values- Components- Social Ethics- Definition and Importance- Issues of Bias and Neutrality in evolving ethical principles- Building up ethics/values in students- building up of character.


Individuals and Society- Role of individuals in society- Role of ethics in individuals, family, community and society- Role of Marriage, love, sex and divorce- role of religion in ethic -ethical issues in Childcare.


Politics and Ethics- Constitution- Justice, Equality, Freedom and Human Dignity- Govt. Institutions concerning ethics- NGOs concerning ethics- Human Rights (Men, Women and Child rights) – Issues of Caste, Class, Religion and Politics- National Integration.  


Economics and Ethics- Economic development and ethics- Professional ethics- Work ethics- Business ethics- Ethical dilemmas among youth in the context of changing economic scenario- Economic crimes- Bribery, Corruption, Immorality etc.- Priorities of Indian Economy- Poverty, Unemployment, Illiteracy and Inequality.


Role of Globalization in changing value systems- Wars : Nuclear, Chemical and Biological warfare- Terrorism- Racism and Ethnic unrest/conflicts- Environmental Degradation- Refugee crisis- Problems of Migration- Role of Science and Technology- Issues of Cloning etc.

Reference Books:

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